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So far so good...

This is going to be a quick one as I have been feeling so tired, I'm so not used to these long days anymore, I've been a bummer for too long, LOL. Definitely feeling a lot better today, which is why I can blog at the moment, hee hee. But anyways, back to my week so far, everything has been going pretty well! It was great to meet all the new people, we are all from diverse backgrounds, going into a few different departments, so it was definitely interesting to interact with one another and have all these sessions together. We learnt a whole heap of stuff, all the usual company information - history, culture, values, policies etc. but we were also involved in fun team activities which forced/encouraged us to mingle and work together with different people, rather than just staying with the people that you initially click with. This week is the orientation program, so we don't really do "proper" work, but we still definitely cover all the necessary stuff that will help to ease us into our roles and into the company. I think by the end of the week, we should take back with us a fair bit of information so we won't feel entirely lost next Monday when each of us start with our respective business units.

I was EXHAUSTED when I got home last night, I woke up at 6 am yesterday, which is a big change from my bummer lifestlye, and I literally just crashed in bed by 10 pm last night. I think that's the earliest I've slept in YEARS. I couldn't believe how drained I felt from just spending a day going through presentations and various activities. I think I've adapted a little bit today, I don't feel as tired, but I definitely won't be sleeping as late as I used to. I reckon as the days go on, I will get used to it, and I will be feeling better. Tomorrow is "casual" day, there's some activity going on in the afternoon that involves a bit of walking, so we've all been allowed to get out of suits and into casual wear, hee hee.

Some news not related to work, I'm a finalist in the small category of the 2004 Silkweaver Showcase! WOOOO HOOOO! I didn't expect it at all, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise, hee hee. It would have been cool to win something, but I guess that was asking too much huh?! LOL. Anyways, for anyone who's interested, here is the link:


Oh, I'm finalist S03, with San-Man's 'Magic'.

Alrighty, I did say it was gonna be a short one, but I've probably gone on for too long already. I will try to update more throughout the week, but if I don't make it, I promise I will blog more over the weekend. I hope everyone has a good week!

Oh Eileen!
I've been getting up at 5-6am since I was 19 and even before that with school - I'm still not used to it and probably never will be! Sheer will and detemination hon, you'll get through it - imagine that big paycheck at the end of day/week/month!
Happy to hear all is working out for you and have fun tomorrow on your "casual" day!

PS Congrats on the Silkweavers!

Well, you are just full of good news! Good for you. Now tell me how you put those smiles on your blog. :-)


Glad to hear that it's going great!!! I think you'll finally get use to waking up early ummm never LOL. Have you been able to stitch yet? Just curious since I still can't get into a routine that will let me stitch. TTYL *Hugs*

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