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I really hate feeling pissed off in the morning, what a bad start to a day! An eBay auction of mine ended late last night, and it was a multiple item listing. One of the winning bidders (an idiotic newbie) e-mailed me AFTER the auction had ended, saying, "Oh, sorry, I thought I was bidding for all of the items, not just one, I won't pay for it then." What a complete idiot! I am fine with newbies, after all, that's where I started on eBay. But at least be a smart newbie! Check out all the information, ask before you bid, it's all stated there, what a stupid person. And if you did screw up, it's your mistake, now I have to deal with someone else's responsibility, which really annoys the hell out of me.

People who don't READ and PROCESS information and PAY ATTENTION to the details provided also tick me off. Another winning bidder from the same auction tried to make payment via Paypal with credit card, which I clearly stated on my auction that I will not be able to accept. After the auction ended, I even sent out an e-mail saying the same thing, but nope, that didn't seem to get through, I checked my e-mail this morning, and there it is, a credit card payment via Paypal which is useless to me. *sigh* I had to deny it, send out the same information for the 3rd time, if you need to pay via credit card, NO Paypal, only Paymate. Maybe I need to do some stick figure illustrations in my e-mails before people get it.

Well, there you go. Yet another morning in the life of Your Drama-ness. Stupid people piss me off! URRGH!!!

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