Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PINK is the new black

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the pink Motorola V3 Razr at the moment. I always thought the Razr was a pretty cool phone and when the black one came out, I thought that was even sweeter. And of course, when I first heard about the pink version, I thought that was AWESOME. I have been patient though, the plan was to wait for it to make its way to Australian shores (who knows how long that will take?!) and to actually see the phone in person because pictures can be very deceiving. Well, during my lunch break today, I just thought I would browse through eBay and there are sellers on there who are just selling TONS of these phones. And I'm just sooooooo itching to get one right now. They even have those cute accessories to accompany the mobile phone, like matching bluetooth headset in the same colour, pink leather case and I just want a PINK phone! (I'm in this insane pink phase at the moment, like I want a pink Mini Cooper in the future, LOL.) I'm watching like 8 different auctions on my eBay, I'm even planning to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning to see what price one of them will end at. Don't know if that truly demonstrates the strength of my obsession, but I reckon that's crazy enough, hee hee. Oh well, off to agonise more (it's a fair expense) and to answer the eternal question: to buy or not to buy?

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