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Back in high school?!

So yesterday, I had Japanese class. I actually enjoyed last night's class the most so far because we were covering time, which I only vaguely remember, so it felt like I was learning something new. Anyway, we have been getting homework sheets for the last two weeks so when the class ended without us getting anything, I just asked if there would be anything for us to do this week. Now, the teacher knows that I've learnt Japanese before so she knows that I can handle the slightly more difficult stuff (which is probably still only kindergarten-level stuff anyway) so she said she can give me some sheets to do, but she would only be giving it to me. And then this guy sitting behind me goes something like this, "Go on, teacher's pet." OMG! Am I back in high school or what?! That was just so juvenile. And this coming from a guy who has got to be at least in his 50s. Yeesh. And here I thought I was doing a language course for adults. ばか。

And my neck is hurting from doing crunches at the gym both on Monday and Tuesday. It's actually sore to touch! At least my stomach hurts too, so I know it wasn't just my neck that was doing all the work.

Okay, ranting is now over.

What is it they say about exercise..."no pain, no gain!!" LOL

Next time, use the old guy as an exercise tool. Practise your kickboxing on him!

People can be so ridiculous. Be careful you aren't pulling your neck when you do crunches. Having your hands behind your head can actually really do a lot of damage to your neck.

I do crunches with my arms on my chest. Less neck strain that way and you still get the stomach workout. As for the 50something, I thought the whole incident was pretty funny. People never cease to "amaze" me.

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