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Stitching progress and goodbye

It's not a permanent goodbye, but I'm going to be away for a while as I'm going back home to Singapore for Chinese New Year. My flight is on Wednesday afternoon. I haven't been back for CNY for a while so it should be good. So yeah, I will have access to internet but I doubt I would have much time for blogging and such, so I'm probably going to be pretty quiet for a while. I will post pics of the car when I'm back as well, as I didn't get it today, the dealer couldn't have it ready in time for today, hopefully it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow!

Here's some stitching progress that I've made on the piece I'm working on. I really shouldn't be posting this as it's going to be a gift but I simply can't resist, hee hee. I hardly have much stitched work to show so now that I've made some good progress, I just have to show off! LOL. Anyways, here's the latest picture of it, I probably won't work on it again till I get back from my holiday. I'm not going to bring any stitching with me as I have quite a few library books that I need to finish reading so it's gonna be books all the way while in Singapore. Okay, just a quick one from me today, I'll see all of ya when I get back! Ciao!

Have fun in Singapore! And happy early new year. :o) Your stitching piece is coming along nicely.

Have a WONDERFUL holiday, Eileen!! Enjoy, we want to hear all about it when you get back. Great to see you've started another stitching project... :o) Looking good!

Gong Xi Fa Cai Eileen!! You're going to be my neighbour during the holidays, any chance of coming up to KL? Have a good holiday and that LHN piece is looking great. Got that chart, but have just not got done to stitching it yet!!

Have a fun trip but we'll miss you!!! I LOVE the new car - congrats!!!
I read the book Perfume was based on, it's a very unique story. I'm interested in seeing the movie.
Love the piece you are working on...I am a coffee addict. Who is it by? Sorry if you already said and I missed it :-)

Have a great holiday, Leeny! Stay safe.

Have a good trip Leeny!

We'll miss you.



I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip home for the Holiday!!! The stitching is looking fantastic!!!

What a wonderful vacation you have planned! I hope you have a lovely time in Singapore :)

Have a fun and safe trip!! Congrats on the new car and I'm happy you found some "local" stitchy friends :-)

What fabric are you stitching on? Is it hand-dyed? It looks so pretty and you're making quick progress!

Again - get back safe! Talk to you soon :-)

it looks great!!

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