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2007 is here!


Wow, where has the year gone? Some days seem to just drag on while the year just flies by. Overall, 2006 has been good to me and I can't complain much. I guess the biggest event by far was Terrence and I buying our first home and it just keeps getting better. I know I've said this before, but nothing beats having your own place and it has been so nice putting in our own personal touches, and just having the liberty to do that in the first place (wouldn't have happened at the rental property!), it's been great. Work hasn't been the best, but hey, it has afforded us some luxuries and here's hoping that it will pick up for 2007. The biggest upset also came in 2006, with the family learning that my grandfather had lung cancer. While the surgery was successful, it has been a slow and painful recovery for my granddad, and he's still doing it tough. I know we should be grateful that at least the tumours have been removed, but it is heart-breaking seeing the loss of his vibrancy. My hope and wish for 2007 is that my grandfather regains his strength and the quality of life he had before his surgery, and live out the rest of his years in comfort. No new year's resolutions, I think they're pointless, I just want all the best for my family, and especially for my grandfather, hopefully this will be the year.

Before I go, here's a little story about my fuzzballs. Nothing too exciting, I just think they're cute, LOL. Terrence and I were having a little showdown on Mario Tennis (video game on Nintendo GameCube) so we were sitting at the foot of the bed having our match. We weren't really focused on the dogs as Terrence was putting in all his energies in trying to beat me. Believe it or not, I'm better at this game even though I don't actually know how to play tennis! Haha. Anyways, when we turned around, guess what we found? We didn't even know when they got there but they sure made themselves comfy! FYI, Banzai is on the left and Reuben is the one sort of hugging him.

Well, that's it from me! I head back to the office tomorrow - *sob* I need a longer holiday break! I want to wish everyone a happy 2007, all the best for the new year! :)

Happy New Year Leeny! May 2007 bring you much joy and happiness! Love the pics of Banzai and Rueben sleeping...sheer bliss huh?

I love love love love the picture!!! I wish Ana and Kyle would get along like this! Kyle has too much energy for Ana and just annoys her - maybe one day eh? Thanks for the comment on my blog and have a great new year!!
Mercy :)

Now those are two cozy canines! What a great picture! Our Rigby Dog has taken to annoying Spin the Cat, so no cozy twosomes over here.

Happy New Year, and my very best wishes for your granddad.

Happy New Year my friend. I hope that you have a wonderful upcoming year.

Love the pups. Prayers for grandpa.


Those doggies are so adorable!!!!!
I am so addicted to my nintendo ds...I thought about getting a gamecube so I could play against my BF since they are so cheap now but everyone says to wait and get a Wii...still thinking about the gamecube though since it is so much less money.

What a cute pic of your doggies!

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