Sunday, May 29, 2005

Darth Banzai

Title of the picture - courtesy of Terrence. Banzai was lying very comfortably on the couch, and then Terrence thought he would wrap Banz up in a blanket, and he still stayed put in his snuggly spot, so Terrence snapped this picture. Btw, I'm not the Star Wars freak in the house (Terrence is the one, although I'm glad to say he isn't obsessed like the fans you read about in the papers), I honestly don't understand what the fuss is all about, hee hee, but anyways, just thought I would share the picture! :) Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Okay, I know I said I wouldn't talk about TV, but I'm just watching the American Idol finale at the moment, and one of the songs that Carrie sang (Angels Brought Me Here) was the first Australian Idol's single, you know, the original song that you release once you win the competition. And I'm not being biased (cos I'm not "technically" Australian either) but Guy (the 1st Australian Idol winner) did a much better job of this song. During the finale, he gave a phenomenal performance, and I absolutely loved that song. Nothing wrong with Carrie singing it, but I wasn't expecting it at all, maybe the producers recycle songs between Idol series throughout the world. Oh well. On a side note, I'm disappointed that Bo didn't win, I won't say that I'm crushed, but I think he will still do well anyway, so it will be interesting to see what comes next from Bo! Anyways, that's it for now, will blog again later. Leeny, OUT.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


How is everyone doing? The week has been fairly uneventful, which is perfect, just the way I like it, hee hee. I will be getting back the Echo from the repairer tomorrow, so phew, that will finally be done and out of the way, chapter closed! I also got news from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane that my order has been shipped out, I can't wait for all my goodies to arrive *stars in my eyes* LOL.

Being a TV junkie, it's quite sad that most of the shows that I have been following will be ending really soon, whatever will I do over the weekends?! *grin* The last episode of CSI was excellent, probably one of the best CSI episodes that I have seen. And of course, those Quentin Tarantino touches near the end made it slightly different from the usual offering, can't wait for the next season! I was also happy that the reality TV shows that I had been watching had the right people win. Uchenna and Joyce for Amazing Race, sorry to Rob and Amber fans, but I really disliked them, especially Rob, I understand that it's a competition for a million bucks, but it probably wasn't necessary to be that obnoxious. And Uchenna really blew me away in the last couple of episodes, he was such a great guy even in the most stressful of situations, that really touched me, they were awesome, and I'm so glad they won. Kendra was named the new Apprentice, I liked Tana as well, but I do think Kendra probably is more suited for the big bad corporate world, all the best to the both of them! And Tom won Surivor, YAY! It was the first Survivor series that I watched and I was captivated with the show (I did say I was a TV junkie, right? Don't hate me, hee hee). I can't believe Katie got to the final 2 (and got US$100,000 for it!), but I will admit she had an excellent strategy, at least she was honest about it. I liked Ian too, it probably would have been a tough choice for the jury if it were Ian and Tom in the final 2, but oh well, Tom won, and I'm happy with that!

The last result to wait for is American Idol. Come on America, you've gotta vote for Bo, he KICKS ASS!! I like Carrie, I think she's alright and she does have a good voice, but I just think Bo is better. If I were in America, I would vote like crazy, but unfortunately, I can't, so whoever is reading this, and you love Bo and you want him to win, then you've gotta put in those votes and make him the American Idol! It would be so cool that a rocker wins this, we had a rocker in the last season of Australian Idol, but he just wasn't good enough, Bo is completely different though, it would be great if he won.

Alrighty, that's it from me today. It's back to work tomorrow, sigh, where does the weekend go?! And I promise I won't talk about TV the next time, LOL. Hope you all had a good weekend and will have a good week ahead!

Buttons galore

More buttons! Yep yep, I was lazy for a while, but the picture finally is up. Don't think I will be making anymore buttons in the near future, but I will keep up with it and do some squishing when I feel like it, hee hee..... Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hello folks! Just finished my lunch, salmon sashimi and a glass of milk, YUMMMMM. LOL. It was pretty yummy, but yes I know, raw salmon and milk sounds like a weird combination, or most of you may think it's pretty whacked, hee hee.....

Anyways, I had a really crap week the week before and really didn't feel like doing a whole lot, much less blogging. I've just been chillin' and taking it easy after that, and just looking forward to an uneventful and relaxing weekend! So far so good. Stitching progress has stalled for quite a while on the 'Lavender Hill' piece, I'm hoping I will be able to get it finished this weekend. It's really sad that I don't stitch that much anymore, I haven't stitched at all on weekdays, and it seems that I don't have enough time over the weekends to fit stitching in! *sob* All you stitching gurus, any tips to share with me?

I placed a HUGE order during DSL's anniversary sale, and I was also lucky enough to win a gift certificate! It was pretty cool as I never seem to win anything, so that was neat! I can't wait for my goodies to arrive, I know I will be in stash heaven! LOL. Who cares if I can't find enough to stitch, as long as I know it's sitting pretty amongst my stash, hee hee.... I will work out a routine eventually, and get the stitching going.

I made more buttons a couple of weeks ago, just more hearts and I also attempted a flower. I think this batch turned out better, I probably baked the first batch too long which is why those buttons turned out so dark, these buttons are a brighter red and look a lot more vibrant. Feeling lazy, but will share a photo when I get them scanned.

Alrighty, ain't got much else to blog about, so I think I will stop here. Oh, I got tagged by Annette, but I'm too lazy to do it, for now anyways, hee hee. Till next time!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Buttons Part II

Hey Debbi, just for you, here is another picture with a penny in it! Although I think this is the British penny, but I don't think the size will differ too much. And now to answer the questions! :) Posted by Hello

I followed the instructions and oven-baked these buttons at 130 degrees celcius for 30 minutes. I bought metallic red-coloured clay, I think it probably shows a bit better in this picture, you can see the glittery bits. So yeah, I didn't do any painting at all, I don't think my creative talents can extend that far, LOL. The clay is actually a much brighter red, for some reason after baking the colour became a bit dull, and it doesn't help that I've got my fingerprints all over it and baked into the clay, which has affected the overall shine. I need to figure out how to somehow polish it to get the shine back...but only if I'm that bothered eventually, hee hee.

Thanks anyway for the comments on my buttons, hopefully my next batch will show an improvement! :)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Check out my badly made buttons

A few weeks ago, while just walking around the mall with Terrence, I bought some clay for fun cos I had the inspiration then to make some buttons. The clay was lying around on my table for a while before I finally got round to trying to make some today. And boy did I fail miserably! It's hard! How the heck do people make buttons?! LOL. I thought I would start with something simple like a heart, and even that was so hard to do! I only made these 5 buttons, but as you can tell, they are quite mis-shapened as I had to do it myself because I don't have any moulds or cutters. I think my last attempt was probably the best one (the biggest heart). Don't know what I will do with the rest of the clay cos I have only used a little bit so far, probably will be making more heart buttons (since it's probably the only shape I can do decently, LOL), but that will be A LOT of buttons. Anyone wants some? Hee hee.... Posted by Hello

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