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How is everyone doing? The week has been fairly uneventful, which is perfect, just the way I like it, hee hee. I will be getting back the Echo from the repairer tomorrow, so phew, that will finally be done and out of the way, chapter closed! I also got news from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane that my order has been shipped out, I can't wait for all my goodies to arrive *stars in my eyes* LOL.

Being a TV junkie, it's quite sad that most of the shows that I have been following will be ending really soon, whatever will I do over the weekends?! *grin* The last episode of CSI was excellent, probably one of the best CSI episodes that I have seen. And of course, those Quentin Tarantino touches near the end made it slightly different from the usual offering, can't wait for the next season! I was also happy that the reality TV shows that I had been watching had the right people win. Uchenna and Joyce for Amazing Race, sorry to Rob and Amber fans, but I really disliked them, especially Rob, I understand that it's a competition for a million bucks, but it probably wasn't necessary to be that obnoxious. And Uchenna really blew me away in the last couple of episodes, he was such a great guy even in the most stressful of situations, that really touched me, they were awesome, and I'm so glad they won. Kendra was named the new Apprentice, I liked Tana as well, but I do think Kendra probably is more suited for the big bad corporate world, all the best to the both of them! And Tom won Surivor, YAY! It was the first Survivor series that I watched and I was captivated with the show (I did say I was a TV junkie, right? Don't hate me, hee hee). I can't believe Katie got to the final 2 (and got US$100,000 for it!), but I will admit she had an excellent strategy, at least she was honest about it. I liked Ian too, it probably would have been a tough choice for the jury if it were Ian and Tom in the final 2, but oh well, Tom won, and I'm happy with that!

The last result to wait for is American Idol. Come on America, you've gotta vote for Bo, he KICKS ASS!! I like Carrie, I think she's alright and she does have a good voice, but I just think Bo is better. If I were in America, I would vote like crazy, but unfortunately, I can't, so whoever is reading this, and you love Bo and you want him to win, then you've gotta put in those votes and make him the American Idol! It would be so cool that a rocker wins this, we had a rocker in the last season of Australian Idol, but he just wasn't good enough, Bo is completely different though, it would be great if he won.

Alrighty, that's it from me today. It's back to work tomorrow, sigh, where does the weekend go?! And I promise I won't talk about TV the next time, LOL. Hope you all had a good weekend and will have a good week ahead!

I am so glad you updated! Every day I stop by and I kept thinking, man ... she's still eating suschi! ick. And we have such similar taste in tv! LOL. I agree on the winners of Amazing Race, Apprentice and I am voting Bo all the way. He is awesome - I hate country music and can't imagine how Carrie got this far - I can not stand her! Go Bo Go! If I can get through, I'll put in a vote for you too!

LOL. you're too funny :p and what's wrong with sushi/sashimi?! it aint that bad *grin* and the amount of tv i watch is disgraceful, i think it's because my mom banned me from watching tv from young and all throughout the years that i was living at home, i've gone nuts now that i'm living out of home, LOL. this is the list of tv shows i watch:
- alias
- all of the csi series, but the original is my fave
- desperate housewives
- all of the law and order series
- lost
- medium
- numb3rs
- american idol
- the contender
- apprentice
- the amazing race
- survivor

dont know if i have missed any, but i know that is A LOT of tv. hey, i confess i'm a tv junkie, but all the ads are cut out, and at least i'm productive during tv time, i get my laundry done, i do the ironing and folding and miscellaneous household chores. sigh, most of these shows are ending soon, i hope the new programs will be good!

alrighty, enough about tv, enjoy the rest of your week! :)


Debbi's pattern she's stitching is Drawn Thread. I can get you this pattern at my LNS if you like!
Let me know Eileen!

As for TV - I watch what you watch except for the dramas - I can't get into them at all. Philip watches them though so sometimes I'll watch one, but I normally don't like them. I liked Rob and Amber much more than Uchenna and Joyce - they irritated me with their goody good way of doing everything. I do like Bo though I don't watch AI too much - I tivo it and scan it quickly to the good bits.
What are you stitching on now and how's the job? Are you planning a vacation this year!
Guess you have winter now, is it cold there?

hi petra!!

thanks for the offer, but it's okay, i'll buy it online someday, it's not like i dont have enough to stitch, LOL. as for dramas, i do get what u mean, it can be hard to get into, especially those that u have to follow a storyline, if u miss one episode, that's it, u're not gonna know what's going on anymore. that's where i find the csi and law & order series alright, and u dont usually have to pay a whole lot of attention, u can walk off and do something, and when u come back, u still know the plot of the episode. series like lost and desperate housewives, u've got to follow the detail, but they're alright so far, i've found them really interesting, can't wait for the the next seasons!

as for stitching, uh, i know i said i was determined to finish lavender hill, but i havent, heh, so that will be the one i'm working on. when that's done though, i will be putting all efforts into raise the roof's marriage tree, i'm hoping to get it done by august in time for a friend's first wedding annivesary.

the job is going good, it has its downs at times, but overall, it has been going well. i'm hoping to get some leave for august, not going anywhere exotic, but just a trip back home to singapore, and probably also stopping over at brunei together with terrence (that's his home country). that's the plan anyways, i havent spoken to my manager yet, but hopefully there wont be any issues in getting leave.

it's not officially winter yet, i think the official date is start of june, it's getting cold though, but i'm actually liking it! LOL. i much prefer the cold to the sweltering heat of summer, so it's been good. terrence thinks i'm a freak cos i keep complaining that i'm hot at night when he's still feeling cold under 3 blankets, LOL.

anyways, i've gone on and on, it's like a mini blog here, heh, thanks for dropping by, and i will "talk" to u real soon again!

eileen :)

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