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Crazy Saturday

You won't believe the morning that I had, I mean, I don't even quite believe it myself. It's been pretty surreal and I don't know if it has sunk it yet, even now. I won't go into much detail, I'm not really up for it, and I want things to be settled before I share the whole story. Anyways, I had just gotten the replacement car for my Mira, I got the Echo on Monday and was driving it to get a service this morning. On the way there, I was rear-ended and I experienced whiplash. My head was hurting earlier in the morning, it doesn't feel too bad now, but my neck hurts a little bit, my back feels a little funny, but I think I should recover and be alright over the next few days. It's unbelievable how much car drama has happened for me, for us, over the last few weeks. I'll share pictures and the whole story once insurance has this settled and everything is back on track. I'm thankful that nothing worse happened, but I really hope this streak of bad luck/sucky stuff/insane drama or whatever to call it, just STOP and let my life get back to normal. Man, this is just nuts nuts nuts. It's a pretty funny story (you'll see when you hear it), I can sorta laugh about it now (while still semi-stunned and semi-traumatised), but I think I'll only fully crack up when I know everything is really okay. Alrighty, I'm getting off now, probably won't be back for a while, but watch this space!

Oh Eileen, what a horrible thing to have happened! That is so sad and so annoying and such bad luck! I hope the insurance companies work it out fast and let us know how you're doing OK?

OH NO no no no! That's awful. Hope you are okay. Listen to your body to make sure you don't have any serious problems with your neck or back or anything.

Thanks for the message on my blog. You are too funny. Can't wait for part II of the story.


Not your new car!!! OMG!!! Hope the damage wasn't much and that you'll have it back soon. Now go find a witch doctor and have him remove that crazy car voodoo curse!!!



*Hug* but not a hard one. Take care of yourself and go see a doctor! Got the emails and thanks :-)

Leeny - I'm sitting on the edge here waiting to hear the rest of the story. I hope all is well. I miss your updates.

hey debbi!

thanks for checking in :) well, i've finally posted the story, it's a big one, so brace urself for it! LOL. again, thanks so much for dropping in, u're fabulous, hope all is well with u too!

take care,
eileen :)

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