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Have I disappeared or what?! I don't know how long I haven't blogged, but before I know it, it's March already! Things have been fairly uneventful, so I guess that's why I haven't really had the urge to blog, and also, I just haven't had much time to spend at the computer. It's pretty obvious that I have yet to work out a routine! LOL. It is getting better though, like this week, I planned our dinners, so we didn't have to get take-away all the time, which is not very healthy and not good for our pockets either! I think I'll get the hang of things eventually and work everything in, housework, stitching, computer stuff and so on, just need a few more weeks to finalise the routine.

We did actually go out yesterday, which is so rare, as the weekends have become my "housework days". There is a Motorshow on at the moment, and Terrence wanted to go, so we went to have a look yesterday. He definitely enjoyed it, it wasn't too bad for me, I definitely wasn't into it as he was, but I did get to look at Minis, they had 3 on display, and you could sit in them, which was very cool. I have always been in love with this car, and it was neat to get the chance to have a feel of the car. The only thing left is a test drive! LOL. Terrence keeps asking me to get it now, but we made a rough calculation, and purchasing the car alone would be about A$40,000, and there will be other costs like insurance, registration, stamp duty etc, and even if I had the money (which I don't, not even close), that's too much for me to think about spending now. I've got other priorities, and I want to take care of those first. I could also get a loan after a few more paychecks, but still, as much as I would love to drive a Mini Cooper, I'm trying to be sensible and save for the more important things. Maybe in a few more years.....oh well....I can keep dreaming, hee hee.....

Alrighty, that's it from me, I'm looking forward to the next weekend, it's going to be a long one, I think the Monday after is Labour Day, so that would be good! I will try to pop back in, don't miss me too much! *grin* Bub-bye! :)

I'm so glad you are back but let me tell you, I still check you every day and I miss your blog. So try and pop in more often,k? hugs, debbi

Hey Eileen :)
Glad to see you back! TTYL and mini's kick ass hehe

Hi Eileen. I have been checking everyday to see how you are doing. Good to see you post! I like the minis too...so cute! Hope you get your routine worked out soon and get some stitching in too.

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