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I'm here!

Well well well....whaddya know? It's the weekend already, and where have I been? I wish I had been off on some exotic holiday, but no, just been busy from work and feeling absolutely exhausted by the end of the work week, so I've just been chilling out and getting some rest. I was in Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday, and that really burnt me out for some reason. Not sure if I will be taking anymore business trips in the near future, but if they are going to happen on a regular basis, I will need to get used to them. I had to wake up really early on Wednesday to get to the airport for my morning flight, and when I arrived in Sydney, it was straight to the office. I pretty much had meetings non-stop the whole day, so when I finally got to my hotel room, I was so drained I just collapsed on the bed and got a bit of sleep before I woke up for dinner. After that, it was straight back to the hotel room, and I just watched a bit of TV before going to sleep. Next day, it was back to the office for meetings, and then straight to the airport from there, and I got back to Melbourne about 8 plus on Thursday night. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I was really really tired, and I was so glad the next day was Friday, cos that meant the weekend was coming up soon and I could get my rest! I know, I sound so weak, LOL, but yeah, I think cos I'm not a seasoned traveller, and together with the packed schedule, I was really travel-weary by the end of it. As tiring as my week has been, it has been a good one though, I got heaps of information, and I think I'm learning more and more everyday. I think the learning will never end throughout my career, but coming into the "official" Week 3, I definitely don't feel as green as I did back at the beginning. Still a newbie, but I guess an improved newbie, LOL.

As for stitching, uh, still no progress, but I definitely had a good stash day yesterday! My birthday present finally arrived, wooo hooo! For those who don't know or don't remember, my birthday was back in November, hee hee. I had ordered some stuff online as a birthday treat from my mom, and the order from Stitching Bits and Bobs got to me yesterday! It's not Bobbie's fault though, I had special ordered some frames, and those took a long time to get to her, so I had opted to just wait for everything to arrive before having them sent to me. Well, it was definitely worth the wait, I love my new floss, my new frames, and the Bent Creek knocker kit I got! Only one problem, I looked at the instructions for finishing the piece into a knocker, and it looked way too complicated for someone with no sewing talent whatsoever. Oh well, I will worry about it when I actually get it stitched up. Hopefully my new stash will give me the inspiration to organise my time better and fit some stitching in, I can't wait to use these Mount Forest Frameworks frames, they're gorgeous!

Oh, and I also got my first paycheck, hee hee. We get paid on the 20th of each month, but cos 20th falls on a Sunday for this month, it arrives on the first working day before that, so all of us got our paychecks a little bit early for February. Unfortunately, most of it went to clearing my credit card debt, since I had to spend a fair bit of money on work stuff before I even started my job and some accumulated debt over the last couple of months, so no stash shopping for me yet. But next paycheck, oooooh....all the online stores, you better watch out for me! LOL. And it wasn't too bad, cos I did get some stash yesterday, although it has been a long time coming. I am giving myself a little treat this month though, I'm getting a new pair of spectacles, and while it's kinda practical, I think it's still a cool gift from myself to myself! *grin*

Alrighty, I haven't got much more to blog about, so I will stop here. Have a groovy weekend!

Hi (waving!) I always find traveling for work exhausting. I think it's because the days are long, you're not in your own bed, you're eating all your meals out and you just can't chill out. So I'm not surprised - especially if your days were meeting filled. I try not to have more than 3 a day or else I feel like I get nothing done. Congrats on the new stash. Get some rest. It's almost Monday already. hugs, debbi

Hey Leeny....sounds like you are really enjoying your new job , even thought the traveling took some out of you. I am sure it will all become the norm for you. I am sure its very different then just going to school too. I hope you get to get some stitching done and I know Stash in the mail is always a good thing

Hugs Lisa

hey ladies! thanks for the comments, you know i always love reading them :) and yeah debbi, i think if i ever have to schedule lots of meetings again, i'm gonna spread them out a bit more, i had 6 the day i arrived! that really took a lot out of me. and lisa, it is very different from school, but everything's good so far, so no complaints! hee hee.... :) alrighty, once again, thanks for dropping by, have a good week!

eileen :)

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