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Grammar Nazi

Before I start, I just wanna say, I don't profess to be an expert on grammar, I'm sure I make my share of grammatical errors with phrasing and such. However, I do think that I have a fairly solid foundation in the English language and I know my basics well. Having used the Internet for many years now, I've grown accustomed to seeing spelling mistakes and various grammatical errors, I just try not to make those errors myself. And I'm hardly a stickler for the perfect use of English at all times; I don't use capitals when e-mailing or chatting, and I also don't bother with apostrophes sometimes, just typing 'dont', 'havent' etc...you get the picture. Oh, and I also abbreviate some words, especially 'you' and 'your', they just become 'u' and 'ur'. So yes, that really long introduction was to make the point that I'm not a grammar fanatic.

So, what brought on this really boring post about grammar? Well, I was just browsing through a blog set up by the people who run a website about one of the animes I watch. The purpose of the blog was to allow members to get to know them better and not just see their "professional good grammar using side" (the exact words, I swear!). Well, these people with "professional good grammar" can't spell, cos if they could, they would know it's 'definitely' and NOT "definately". That was the clincher for me and that's why I'm posting about grammar. Like I said, I've gotten used to mistakes that I've seen online, but when you say you have good grammar, you better live up to that expectation and make sure that you at least get the basics right! Blech. Since I'm on a roll, I may as well continue.

1. Difference between it's and its

It's = It is, while 'its' is possessive

So, it should be, it's raining right now, it's really hot today, blah blah blah. The other one would be, the dog ate its bone, the cat played with its toy, blah blah blah. It's really simple, and a mistake I've seen so many times.

2. Difference between you're and your

You're = You are, and 'your' is possesive

It should be 'you're welcome' and not 'your welcome', and it should be 'you're next' and not 'your next'. It would be your book, your computer, your piece of cake, but never never 'your welcome', unless you're trying to say 'you've worn out your welcome' or something.

3. Difference between there and their

Their is possessive, and there is just....you know, there.

This is their house, these are their books etc....so it shouldn't be 'there' books. There is no water, look at the tree over there, blah blah blah.

4. Spelling

I know there are differences between American and British spelling, but most words are the same. For example, as previously mentioned, it's 'definitely', NOT 'definately', regardless where you're from. And maybe this doesn't fall under spelling, but it should be 'a lot', and not 'alot'. They're two separate words.

These are just some of the common mistakes that I've come across. I'm sure there's a lot more that I haven't covered but since this isn't an English lesson, I think I can stop, hee hee. Btw, this isn't directed at anyone, after reading that blog, I just got annoyed and needed to get this off my chest. So, please don't flame me, feel free to laugh at me for being so silly, just no flaming please! *big grin* Okay, I'm off to feel really sad about myself for being anal about grammar today, and I will try to get a life, LOL.

wow you're grammar is so good. compared to my friends, its way better than they're english.

hi, to all my dear visitors, that's my idiotic "DARLING" pissing me off. he's so lovely, isnt he? LOL.

Leeny - you crack me up! I am a freak for grammar, but in an email I know I make boo-boo's too. Don't you just hate it when someone gets on a high horse about it!!! I react just like you ... kinda SO THERE!! big hugs, debbi. ps i responded to your Undead ques on my blog.

Wll, i four won beleive thaat mi speling and gramer is realy gud ant I wuld hoppe thad u nevr half two critcal mee.
Luv ya,

I believe this must be one of those "rare gems of wisdom" that you mentioned lol ;-)
Loved the title - you crack me up hehe

hahaha....i forgot about that one myself! LOL. yep yep, this is my rare gem of wisdom, make that extremely rare, so dont expect more anytime soon! hee hee...

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