Saturday, June 25, 2005

After a week.....

What a week. This week flew by really fast because of 2 full-day training sessions, before I knew it, it was the weekend already. Which usually is a good thing, but this time, not that great. A lot of things happened while I was away at training, and there are a lot of new initiatives starting. We have a huge revenue target for the second half of the financial year, and I'm starting to feel the pressure and getting a little stressed out. I want to do the best I can and contribute in every way, but sometimes I feel a little helpless because I do not have the knowledge like the veterans I'm working with, and also feel a little frustrated because of a lack of direction and guidance sometimes. I did get some good feedback from some bigshots in the company on Friday on something that I have been working on, so that definitely felt good. It's crunch time from now on, I just hope I don't royally screw up somehow, and if I were to do a good job, I sure hope that management will also acknowledge that too. I think validation and recognition is important, at least someone knows that I've been doing well! Hee hee....

Stitching wise, I think it's been going great. I have been stitching every night since last Saturday night, which is a first since starting full-time work back in February. Stitching has also helped me to stay awake longer. I know it sounds so pathetic, but while getting adjusted to full-time work, I have been heading to bed usually by 9 plus, so that I don't feel like I'm a zombie at 6.3o am the next morning, LOL. With stitching, I didn't put down the needle until 10 plus, with a record 11 plus almost midnight for one night. It didn't feel too horrible in the morning either, I hope I will get used to it, cos it's great to have more hours during the day, I sometimes feel I just don't have enough time to do everything.

As for the actual progress, don't think I did too bad at all, not shabby for a week's worth of stitching, about 1-2 hours each night. I did get a fair bit in today though. At this rate, I think I should be able to make my August deadline with plenty of time for framing and ready to be on the plane with me when I head off for my holiday. I can't wait for the break!!

Anyways, here's the picture of my progress. If you're visiting, do leave a comment! It feels like no one's visiting me much anymore, boooo hoooo *sob* Hee hee......

Raise the Roof Designs - The Marriage Tree (WIP)
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Revenge of the Bitch


Title - courtesy of Terrence. You HAVE to check this out. I say, GOOD ON HER. That's what you get for being an ass and complete jerk, muahahahahaha........

Check out this link first, paying attention to the description:

Then read this news article:

Monday, June 20, 2005

My current stitching project

Finally got started on the project I wanted to do for a while, Raise the Roof Designs - The Marriage Tree. I started this on Saturday night, did a bit more last night, and a little more tonight as well. Not much progress still, but it feels good to be stitching on a fairly consistent basis (for the last 3 days anyway) after being quite on and off for the previous piece. The goal for this one is to have it completed and framed before I go on vacation early August, as this is going to be a gift for my friend who got married last year. I didn't give her a proper wedding present, so this will be it, a late wedding gift/anniversary present, hee hee. Hope to post regular updates on this one! :) Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

I fell.....AGAIN!!!!!

I don't freaking believe this, I had just scraped my poor knee on Tuesday morning, and what do you know, I scrape the SAME ONE again tonight! This time, I was walking towards a restaurant with Terrence for dinner, and again, I suddenly slipped and BAM, there goes my right knee, AGAIN! You can kinda see the parts that had barely healed, and I scraped it off clean. It hurts like a bitch. Oh well, a fresh start to healing eh?! Just to make sure if I'm a clumsy ass in the near future, to aim for the left knee, LOL. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Little House Needleworks - Lavender Hill

WOO HOO! I kinda like sick days, because it means I can stitch while resting, LOL. Anyways, I finally got this finished, I don't know why it took me so long, cos once I got started on it, it was a fairly quick stitch and I got it done in no time. I'm really happy that I completed this, and I can't wait to send it off to a lady in Netherlands, I hope she likes it and enjoys the other goodies that I have included! :) Posted by Hello


Just posting a warning nice and early, I fell down yesterday morning as I was getting into work. I'm not quite sure what happened exactly, I got out of the car, was brushing breadcrumbs off my skirt, and then I slipped and grazed both knees. Only had a few cuts and scratches on my left knee, but for my right knee, well, you will see. That was a most exciting way to start the day at work, walking in with bloody knees, and my freaking skirt kept sticking to my right knee until I found the first aid room and put some dressing on it. DNA anyone?

I'm taking it easy today, not feeling too great, I'm home sick today, but I probably can't resist, and start doing some work on the laptop anyways. Oh, I also deleted my long stitchy post, and suddenly, all my thingys on the right all came back. Go figure! Oh wells, don't think anyone will miss my stitchy post, so no biggie. Well, I'm off to rest, do some work, and maybe a bit of stitching too. Hope everyone is having a good week, and if you're not, you sure will once you see this picture! LOL.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crazy shit!

WOW! I mean, I know this stuff from Science classes, and I know it's extremely possible, but still, it's crazy to actually see it from pictures. Caution: don't view if you're queasy about animals, there's no blood and gore, but it may still freak you out. Just a warning!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm annoyed

Okay, since I made my long stitchy post, my thingys on the side have all disappeared. Oh well, maybe not disappeared, but it doesn't show up on IE, until I click on comments, and suddenly, lo and behold, it's back. It seems to show up fine on Netscape though, but still, I don't know what messed it up on Internet Explorer. I'm hoping that doing a new post will suddenly miraculously bring it back. We'll see.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Learn to Quilt

I got a present! LOL. Terrence bought me something from his little shopping trip at K-Mart yesterday. It's this "Learn to Quilt" package, I really don't need another hobby, and while quilting looks fun and interesting, I don't think I'll quite get into it. I will give this a go though and attempt to finish, since he was sweet enough to get me something, which was totally unexpected, hee hee. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

And the weekend is here....

WOOO HOOO, weekends usually go quick, but at least this week felt as though it went by just as quick. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for me, I did have one awesome day, and that was because my order from Amy @ Down Sunshine Lane arrived! YIPPEEE! It certainly made my day, and I had fun poring over my new stash at the office, just for a little while anyways, hee hee. What was even better, my Treat of the Month from Sugar Maple Fabrics arrived on the same day, so it was double fun for me. The only downer for that day was my laptop went screwy that night, it's still a bit messed up at the moment, but seems to be stable for now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else stuffs up.

Haven't got much planned for the weekend, did do a little shopping tonight cos there are stocktake sales happening, didn't get much though, got a new shirt for work, a couple pairs of earrings, was really hoping to get new shoes, but everything sucked! Got a few errands to run tomorrow, and probably will just spend the rest of the day doing stuff around the house or bum and veg out *grin* Will be playing badminton on Sunday morning and then, it's waiting for the week to begin again, sigh. At least a long weekend is coming up, that will be really awesome, but the next long weekend won't be till November! We should really push for 4-day work weeks, LOL. Just kidding!

Alrighty, just a short one for tonight, probably will do a stitchy blog tomorrow. Annette answered some stitching questions on her blog, and I will probably pinch it from there and do the same, hee hee. Anyways, hope everyone has a killer weekend coming up, be back soon!

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