Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another bad day

Hmmm...when things are bad, they just only get worse huh? I joined some secret stitching exchanges, which I mailed out ages ago (in January before I even started work), and just heard back from the organiser today that the last package I mailed out was never received. I can understand that it's upsetting, if I was on that end, I would get upset about it too. But I WOULD NOT point fingers and accuse someone of not only not mailing the piece, but NOT STITCHING the piece as well. Verify the facts before throwing accusations at people. I feel pretty upset about this, because I put a lot of effort into selecting a piece which I thought the other party would like, and I actually modified the piece to suit that particular person's tastes. And because this package was the last out of the 3 I signed up for, I had put in extra goodies for all 3, but made sure I put even more stuff into this last one. And the stuff that I picked, I made sure they were items the person would like, based on the little questionnaire we received with their information. And I don't know what more proof is needed, when I was finished with the piece, I posted on my blog, I let the organiser know with an attached picture, and I also posted on my online stitching albums, both Webshots and Cyberstitchers. There's no reason for me to send packages out to the other 2 ladies, but not to the 3rd, especially with this one, the piece I had stitched had the other person's name on it, why would I stitch it and then keep it, that's just dumb. If anyone contacted the other 2 ladies who were my partners, I am more than confident there would be nothing but glowing reviews about the work I stitched for them, plus all the extra stuff I had put together in the packages for them to make up for being late in sending out. Once I was done stitching, I was off to the post office and had the packages sent airmail (normal delivery time is 7-10 days), and our post office rule is that you can't send parcels/packages overseas without ID verification, so I have to produce my driver's licence every single time. If it's somewhere on the system, it's THERE. I don't know if the package can be tracked, good old airmail delivery has never failed and none of them has been lost, I've never had any issues and never needed to track any of my sent packages. If this was one of those rare unlucky times, I'm sorry, but the failure of the postal system is not in my hands, and yes, extremely upsetting, I'm sure I would be very very disappointed too, but don't accuse me of being dishonest without any facts and absolutely no basis for it.

Sorry, I just had to vent, there's absolutely no reason for me to defend myself, I know what I did do, the organiser also believes me, but I hate being accused of doing something so low when that's something I would NEVER do in a million years, and espcially after putting in all that effort and thought to create a stitching package that the other party would enjoy, only to get slapped in the face with something like this. Grrrrrr.....I hope the week shapes up to be better....

Friday, March 25, 2005

Long time no see

Hi everybody....I have disappeared for a while yet again. I have had some alright days, some good ones, but it hasn't been that great for the last week or so. Well, let me just start off with the bad news. Last Saturday, while driving Terrence to pick up his car from the mechanic's (he had his car serviced), my own little red car broke down because the timing belt snapped. Luckily, I had broken down in a very strategic spot, we were about a minute away from the service centre, so Terrence could walk to the place to get his car rather than having an additional problem to worry about then. We also pushed my dead car to the mechanic's, hoping that something can be done. Well, to cut a long story short, it was there for quite a few days before I got the final update yesterday. I was keeping my fingers crossed that there wouldn't be any engine damage, but of course as luck would have it, there was, and it would cost $1000 to fix that, on top of the $622 they were charging me for a new timing belt and water pump. If there weren't any other problems, I may think about investing that money, but there are other issues with the car, I know the clutch is slipping (probably good for about 6 months) and that is gonna cost me about $800, the exhaust also needs replacement (another $500), and a whole heap of other repairs. All up, the cost of repairs will probably be about twice the value of the car, or even more. I was really upset yesterday because when the timing belt snapped, I was ready to throw in the towel, get it towed to somewhere and cut my losses with this car from there. But the mechanic convinced me that it was more likely that it was just a timing belt issue and there shouldn't be any other problems once it got replaced, so I thought, okay, just one more time, I will get this car fixed. Of course, I now know, I've gotta pay $622 for a piece of shit that won't run, lovely ain't it? And of course, there is the emotional attachment to my first ever car, as crappy as it is, so yeah, yesterday wasn't the best day for me. Well, I've kinda gotten over it by now, worse things have happened, and I just need to deal with this and move on. Money will come again (just need to save up), at least we weren't hurt or got into an accident when the car broke down, considering we broke down on the highway, and had to push it out of the way onto a side road. I keep thinking about the 'what ifs', but I've gotta get over that too, and just deal with the present.

So yes!! That was my drama for the week, which I could have totally done without though. It is the long Easter weekend, a 4-day weekend, which probably would have been a whole lot more enjoyable if I didn't have car trouble, but still, I'm gonna try to make the most out of it. Work's been getting busy too, and I had my first issue about work this week too. I won't go into too much detail, to sum it up, I got a bit discouraged over a project I was working on because my unofficial manager didn't show any appreciation for the hard work I put in while he was away on leave, and I was working on a project as a new employee without much guidance and several other constraints. This weekend will give me that much needed breather and hopefully, some rejuvenation as well. I hope to get my TV sessions in, pick up my stitching again (considering I haven't stitched since the last long weekend!) and of course, the never-ending household chores. I also miss spending time with my doggies, so it's gonna be fun playing with them and just hanging out at home.

Alrighty, that's it from me for now, I hope everyone is having a much better Easter break than me! Hopefully the next time I'm back, I will be a bit more cheerful, heh. Take care!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Progress report

I stitched a little bit last night and a bit more today, and here is my stitching progress so far. Will aim big for tomorrow, which hopefully means that I at least get more stitching in tomorrow. But I'm definitely happy with this, it sure feels good to be stitching again! :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stitchy fingers

I STITCHED! I haven't stitched in AGES, my last finish was right before I started work, and since then, I have not picked up a needle at all. During the work week, I'm just too tired at night, and when the weekends come, I've had other stuff to take care of, like housework, errands and so on. Yesterday was more of the same, getting household chores done, with most of the day spent on ironing. After dinner, I was gonna get back to ironing, but I thought, stuff it, I'm exhausted, I've got a long weekend, I'm gonna have a relaxing evening and enjoy the night with stitching and TV. So yep, the end of that long story is, I picked a project and got started, woooo hoooo! I'm working on an exchange piece, I got to know this lady from the website, she does fabulous stitched envelopes, and when I left a comment saying how great they were, she offered to stitch one for me! So, I accepted her offer, but said I would stitch a piece for her in exchange, so we've got a little stitched exchange going on between us, which I think is really neat. She's happy with this arrangement, as she only receives stitched gifts from her best friend, so I think it's pretty cool to get stitched pieces from different people, and I'm really excited to get a stitched envelope! I've always been interested in this and it has always been fun to look at the various mail art on the web, and to actually get one, it will give me a chance to pore over it and perhaps learn a thing or two myself.

Well, that's it from me, I just wanted to post that I have stitched, hee hee. By the end of my extended weekend, I will probably share a progress picture, don't think I will be able to do much, but at least it's something! Alrighty, back to stitching, ironing and TV, LOL. Hope everyone's having a kick-ass weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I have muscles...

Hi everyone! Thanks for leaving me comments, and it's so sweet to hear that you gals still check in all the time, I will definitely try to keep up and give you more stuff to read about, hee hee.

So, let me begin with my very rare blog during the work week. Don't know if you've guessed it from my title, but yes, I have started going to the gym. I think it's a complete rip-off (they're charging $90 a month), but Terrence has sorta forced me to go, and although I don't want to (I'm telling people that I'm paying to get tortured), I know it's good for me. I should lose some weight (and believe me, I'm not a skinny girl trying to be a skeleton, I'm BIG), and it doesn't hurt to just shape up, get fit and be healthy. Tuesday was my first night, and tonight was the 2nd, and wow wee, what do you know, I do actually have some muscles, LOL. The first night was really BAD, I am super unfit, and the first few minutes on the cross-trainer, I was already struggling. I know, bad huh? I did manage to hang on for about 10 minutes (DON'T LAUGH, I know it's pathetic), but my legs were aching a bit after that, and I was breathing pretty hard too. I rested a bit and then went on the treadmill, but I did tell Terrence he couldn't push me too hard on the first night, as I am very unfit, and I need to slowly build up from there. It was a bit better tonight, I think I'm getting used to the machines, I could go for a bit longer, and I was doing it faster too. I'm not getting the cross-trainer right though, I told Terrence I was locking my knees while on it, and I shouldn't be doing that. So the next time I'm there, I will just stick to the exercise bike and the treadmill, and then get used to the cross-trainer slowly. So yes, I've finally joined the culture of going to gym, I'm just hoping I will be disciplined and stick with this, and hopefully with the money I'm paying, I will see some results eventually.

The other big thing is work-related, well, maybe not that big, but I'm presenting to my team members (actually, make that my other team member as my supervisor/unofficial manager is on leave) and my BIG BOSS tomorrow. It's just a report back on my meet-and-greet sessions during the first few weeks, to show my understanding of the business and try to throw in a fresh perspective and add value where I can. It's supposed to be more of a friendly interaction thing, but I'm hoping I don't screw up, because I don't see much of my direct manager (he's based in Sydney, I'm in Melbourne), and this helps to increase my visibility where he's concerned, and hopefully allow me to demonstrate some of my capabilities. I'm not feeling too nervous, but who knows what's gonna happen come tomorrow?! Oh well, wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

Alrighty, that's it from me for now, time for me to wind down and start preparing for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to this weekend as it's gonna be an extended one because of Labour Day on Monday. Woooo I love weekends now! LOL. Once again, thanks for all the messages, I love hearing from my friends out there :) Hope everything's going well with all of you (I check all of your blogs regularly too!), take care! *kisses*

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Have I disappeared or what?! I don't know how long I haven't blogged, but before I know it, it's March already! Things have been fairly uneventful, so I guess that's why I haven't really had the urge to blog, and also, I just haven't had much time to spend at the computer. It's pretty obvious that I have yet to work out a routine! LOL. It is getting better though, like this week, I planned our dinners, so we didn't have to get take-away all the time, which is not very healthy and not good for our pockets either! I think I'll get the hang of things eventually and work everything in, housework, stitching, computer stuff and so on, just need a few more weeks to finalise the routine.

We did actually go out yesterday, which is so rare, as the weekends have become my "housework days". There is a Motorshow on at the moment, and Terrence wanted to go, so we went to have a look yesterday. He definitely enjoyed it, it wasn't too bad for me, I definitely wasn't into it as he was, but I did get to look at Minis, they had 3 on display, and you could sit in them, which was very cool. I have always been in love with this car, and it was neat to get the chance to have a feel of the car. The only thing left is a test drive! LOL. Terrence keeps asking me to get it now, but we made a rough calculation, and purchasing the car alone would be about A$40,000, and there will be other costs like insurance, registration, stamp duty etc, and even if I had the money (which I don't, not even close), that's too much for me to think about spending now. I've got other priorities, and I want to take care of those first. I could also get a loan after a few more paychecks, but still, as much as I would love to drive a Mini Cooper, I'm trying to be sensible and save for the more important things. Maybe in a few more years.....oh well....I can keep dreaming, hee hee.....

Alrighty, that's it from me, I'm looking forward to the next weekend, it's going to be a long one, I think the Monday after is Labour Day, so that would be good! I will try to pop back in, don't miss me too much! *grin* Bub-bye! :)

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