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Long time no see

Hi everybody....I have disappeared for a while yet again. I have had some alright days, some good ones, but it hasn't been that great for the last week or so. Well, let me just start off with the bad news. Last Saturday, while driving Terrence to pick up his car from the mechanic's (he had his car serviced), my own little red car broke down because the timing belt snapped. Luckily, I had broken down in a very strategic spot, we were about a minute away from the service centre, so Terrence could walk to the place to get his car rather than having an additional problem to worry about then. We also pushed my dead car to the mechanic's, hoping that something can be done. Well, to cut a long story short, it was there for quite a few days before I got the final update yesterday. I was keeping my fingers crossed that there wouldn't be any engine damage, but of course as luck would have it, there was, and it would cost $1000 to fix that, on top of the $622 they were charging me for a new timing belt and water pump. If there weren't any other problems, I may think about investing that money, but there are other issues with the car, I know the clutch is slipping (probably good for about 6 months) and that is gonna cost me about $800, the exhaust also needs replacement (another $500), and a whole heap of other repairs. All up, the cost of repairs will probably be about twice the value of the car, or even more. I was really upset yesterday because when the timing belt snapped, I was ready to throw in the towel, get it towed to somewhere and cut my losses with this car from there. But the mechanic convinced me that it was more likely that it was just a timing belt issue and there shouldn't be any other problems once it got replaced, so I thought, okay, just one more time, I will get this car fixed. Of course, I now know, I've gotta pay $622 for a piece of shit that won't run, lovely ain't it? And of course, there is the emotional attachment to my first ever car, as crappy as it is, so yeah, yesterday wasn't the best day for me. Well, I've kinda gotten over it by now, worse things have happened, and I just need to deal with this and move on. Money will come again (just need to save up), at least we weren't hurt or got into an accident when the car broke down, considering we broke down on the highway, and had to push it out of the way onto a side road. I keep thinking about the 'what ifs', but I've gotta get over that too, and just deal with the present.

So yes!! That was my drama for the week, which I could have totally done without though. It is the long Easter weekend, a 4-day weekend, which probably would have been a whole lot more enjoyable if I didn't have car trouble, but still, I'm gonna try to make the most out of it. Work's been getting busy too, and I had my first issue about work this week too. I won't go into too much detail, to sum it up, I got a bit discouraged over a project I was working on because my unofficial manager didn't show any appreciation for the hard work I put in while he was away on leave, and I was working on a project as a new employee without much guidance and several other constraints. This weekend will give me that much needed breather and hopefully, some rejuvenation as well. I hope to get my TV sessions in, pick up my stitching again (considering I haven't stitched since the last long weekend!) and of course, the never-ending household chores. I also miss spending time with my doggies, so it's gonna be fun playing with them and just hanging out at home.

Alrighty, that's it from me for now, I hope everyone is having a much better Easter break than me! Hopefully the next time I'm back, I will be a bit more cheerful, heh. Take care!

Poor Poor Eileen! I'm so sorry for the car troubles! Been there been through that! Had a P.O.S. Ford Mustang (though I love the new models) that just didn't want to get fixed, Over and over it had electrical problems, finally got a lawyer sued Ford under the Lemon Law and got my money back, but when I say that it caused me so much stress that year - agh, that's an understatement. We need our cars, yet we have to deal with the crap sometimes too. Chin up, enjoy your Easter Holiday and I hope work straightens itself out! This year hasn't been the best work wise for me either, in 15 years of working there I've never had so much stress and anxiety, guess you gotta take the good with the bad! Love, Petra

Awww Leeny! big hugs to you! Take a big breath ... enjoy your weekend and hopefully when you go back you will have a fresh outlook. Good luck. Miss seeing you on line. hugs, debbi

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