Saturday, August 26, 2006

Amazing creatures

I just wanted to share a couple of pics that I got off the Internet. I think these animals are amazing and absolutely adorable!

This one is of some dormice in hibernation, aren't they cute?!

This picture shows a newborn pygmy marmoset monkey, I can't believe how small it is! Here are some stats about it: The pygmy marmoset is the world's smallest monkey tipping the scales at 100g and measuring 35cm in length fully grown.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm still alive!

Wow, it has been months since I've blogged, just way too much happening for me and the blogging thing just kinda fell out of my routine! Not that I actually have my routine back on track yet, everything is still slowly catching up! Just trying to get on with it while life continues to whizz past me...

So, anyways, one of the big things that has happened is my house move! \(^o^)/ Yep, Terrence and I have moved into our new home! It's kinda old news now since we actually moved in late July but the excitement hasn't died down yet, especially since we're not fully settled just yet. There are all these new things to discover about the place! We painted some walls, drilled some holes to put things up - just simple things like these gave us so much pleasure because of the freedom of what we could do, no more restrictions like with rental places! Not that we're going to go nuts and just drill holes into everything, but we definitely like the freedom of doing things up the way we want to! And of course, the boys are loving it, Banzai and Reuben have been having so much fun in the now massive backyard (it's no football field but definitely very roomy in comparison to the old place!) and they're just galloping up and down everywhere. This suburb is also a very dog-friendly place, heaps of households have pets, which is kinda good, but also means the doggies tend to go a little crazy everytime they see a dog walk past, hee hee hee.

I don't have any of my own photos of the house to share just yet, I wanna wait until it's not quite so messy before taking some pics to show. *grin* But I promise, I will post some pics once the place looks more decent! :) And before everyone imagines something horrific, it's really not that bad, I just want to show off the place when it's looking its best, heh. Oh, I do have a picture to share, it's of my bookshelves! The first thing that I unpacked was my books, LOL. I know, priorities! I used to be quite picking about arranging my books and would only do it by height but I thought I would give it a try by colour. So, with Terrence's brother's help, the books were arranged by colour and voila! I think they look very pretty and I actually kinda like the differences in height, makes the landscape more interesting! It's definitely growing on me and I reckon this style of arrangement will probably stay for a while...

The other big and not-so-great thing that has happened in my life was learning that my grandfather has lung cancer. It's been a while now so a lot has happened since my family first found out. To sum up quickly, it was pretty devastating initially, but thankfully, it was early-stage cancer and the doctors determined that my grandfather could undergo surgery to remove the tumour in the lung. The most important thing was his quality of life and based on my grandfather's situation and the doctor's recommendations, this was the best option. My grandpa has since had the surgery, he's still in the hospital, it's been a slow recovery but the doctors feel that he will be back on his feet eventually. He is getting better, which is the most important. Hopefully he will be well enough to leave the hospital soon!

Anyways, I shan't waffle on too much longer, I know it's been a while but I don't want to bore anyone to tears! I'm not sure if anyone still visits, but if you do drop by, please leave me a message! Take care and big hugs, till next time, ADIOUS!

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