Sunday, January 29, 2006

Can you spot the mistake?

Don't let me know if you do see it, LOL. Actually, please let me know if you can spot the mistake, if it's jarringly obvious and looks "off", then I should probably go back and frog it, but I just couldn't be stuffed at that point in time. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad! Well, here's my progress so far, I think I did pretty good since yesterday! I was plugging away while watching Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and during the men's final of the Australian Open.

YAY! Federer won! \(^o^)/ He's so sweet, crying during his speech, I think it's a big moment for him, and people always talk about the up-and-coming young players but they forget that he's young too. I mean, the dude is younger than me! But good on Marcos though, he did put up quite a fight at the beginning, but I was cheering Federer on.

Anyways, I digress, I just wanted to share my progress, I only have a little more for this centre piece to complete, the chimney smoke, the windows, the heart outline, but it still will be far from finished. I have the borders to do plus my own part of the RR. I won't get much done during the week with me returning to work tomorrow, but I think I am on track and could possibly be ahead of schedule. That's it from me, and feel free to flood me with comments! Hee hee....


I got over myself in the end and started stitching tonight. As mentioned earlier, I couldn't find most of my GAST collection, so I didn't have 'Tea Rose', so I just grabbed a random DMC pink that I thought would be the closest match. Would have liked it to have the overdyed effect, but it's just one flower, I think I can survive, LOL. The rest (so far) were stitched with the specified Weeks Dye Works floss. Anyways, here's my progress so far, not a whole lot, but it feels good to be stitching again! :) This is a Lizzie*Kate design - Hugs and Kisses, and is the centre piece for my RR. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Just when I'm fired up to start stitching on my RR, I get thrown a roadblock. Somehow, I have managed to misplace about 3/4 of my complete GAST collection and I have NO IDEA where the threads are. Serves me right for having my stash scattered throughout the house, but still, you would think a big bag of threads wouldn't be that hard to find! I am frustrated and angry, I love stitching with my overdyed threads and I was really looking forward to stitch my parts of the RR with my hand-dyed threads. I've looked almost everywhere and I still can't find them. *sob* Sigh, I know it's not a big deal but I just needed to vent as I'm just soooooo mad at myself, and mad at this stupid house, and mad at the threads for staying hidden. ARGH. Anyways, that's my rant for the day, I'm off to simmer in anger and frustration, and when I calm down, hopefully I'll still have the stitching bug and I'll get started with some substitute colours. Grrrrr......

Friday, January 27, 2006

Half the weekend gone

So yesterday was a public holiday (Australia Day) and to capitalise on that and to make it a 4-day weekend, I took today (Friday) off. I didn't do anything dodgy, I didn't pull a sickie or anything like that, I submitted a leave form and made it a legit annual leave day, hee hee. I haven't really done all that much though, yesterday was ridiculously hot and it sapped all my energy so I was really just lazing at home. We did go out for a little bit at night, we just wanted to have some cold milkshakes and desserts at an air-conditioned place for some respite from the heat, so we hopped over to a TGIF near us.

Today was still hot but just slightly more bearable than yesterday so I made use of the day to run some errands and clear some chores around the house. I still have stacks of ironing waiting for me, maybe tomorrow if the heat lets up. I also spent a good part of today planning out the layout for the RR. It took me much longer than expected, even though I had quite a clear idea of how I wanted the structure to be. Working on PC Stitch was also pretty tedious, and quite a few times, I had erased big chunks of what I had alread plotted by mistake, and the damned software doesn't let me undo for these errors. So it was kinda frustrating, but I did get there in the end! Now I just need to get on with the stitching. I'm using hand-dyed fabric from Wichelt Imports, 28-count Jobelan Summer Sky. I somehow thought I had Babbling Brook, which I think would work better, but oh well, this colour shouldn't be too far off and should also be a lovely fabric for my RR.

Tomorrow is also Chinese New Year's eve, but unfortunately, not being at home means I won't be doing anything special. I won't be joining my family for the traditional reunion dinner but I will most definitely be ringing home to speak to my family. I am aiming to return to Singapore next year during CNY, it's been ages since I've joined my family during this festive period and I think it will be really good to be back during that time. I have asked Terrence to consider going bowling tomorrow night, just to do something fun for the day; I'm absolutely awful at it but I think it would be fun. Otherwise, I guess I would be happy staying at home and watching the Australian Open on telly. There have been some exciting matches this year and maybe next year I'll actually get the chance to get tickets to Rod Laver Arena.

Well, that's it with my boring post. I really don't have anything exciting to share! Hopefully I will make some good stitching progress with my RR and can share some pics with my next post. I'm excited to start stitching again, this will be the first time I've picked up the needle in 2006! Till next time, keep well, take care, have a good weekend! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stinkin' HOT

I HATE summer! I know that most people love the warm weather, but for me, I say, winter please! Currently I'm living in a rental place and we have no air-conditioning, it gets incredible stuffy and suffocating, and having the fans blowing doesn't really help much as it's only the hot air that gets circulated around! So, my theory is, when it's cold, I can layer up and keep warm, but when it's hot, there's only so much I can strip off. I do like the longer days, I admit, but I wish it wouldn't be so friggin' hot! And according to the weather report, it's going to be more than 40 degrees celcius tomorrow, oh dear, I'm not leaving the house. I can only look forward to the day I have my own place, and you can bet, there will be some kind of cooling system somewhere!

Speaking about properties, we did spend most of the day looking at houses. Today wasn't the best day for running around from place to place as it was so incredibly hot, but at least it was a fairly productive day. In total, we saw 5 places, one we only drove past as we were too late for open inspection. Out of the 5, I really like 2, and another one was okay. Unfortunately, one of the 2 that I like, the real estate agent said that there isn't a price set yet, so I have no idea whether it's completely out of budget or it could be something that we can seriously consider. And, it's going to be sold by auction and that won't happen till first week of March. Not like I'm dying to buy a house right NOW (like money will drop out of the sky), but I just like to know, if that makes sense. The other one that I like, the price is okay, the interior is very nice and it's a decent-sized house. The cons are, it's pretty far away from the city, and it's also in an estate area, so it does feel a little cramped with all the surrounding houses and we won't get as much privacy as we currently have. Oh well, this is a big move and there's a lot to consider, so it will take us a long time before we decide. Sigh, the pains of being an adult! LOL.

I haven't started stitching for my RR yet (oops), but I will start this coming week. It's a public holiday on Thursday (Australia Day) and I have asked to take the day off the Friday after, so it will be a nice long weekend for me! It's supposedly REALLY HOT as well from the Thursday onwards, so I will just hide out at home and start with the stitching! *keeping my fingers crossed* As for my reading goal, I'm doing well so far, I'm now at 10 books for the month, and I've started book #11. I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's White Teeth, I'm only a few pages in, but it does seem quite interesting so far. I think I will enjoy it!

Well, that's it from me. I'm going to try to find the coolest corner of the house and chill out there, before my head explodes! LOL. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A (late) Happy New Year message

WOW, it's already 8 days into 2006, where have I been? I've just been lazy and haven't had much motivation to blog, hee hee. Well, a happy 2006 to all! I hope the holidays have been good to you. I didn't do anything all that exciting, but it was good to have that break from the office. I watched the Narnia movie on Christmas Day, did some Boxing Day shopping, and then went to Melbourne Aquarium on New Year's Day. I've also started doing some wild releasing for BookCrossing, I actually left a book at the jellyfish section in Melbourne Aquarium! I haven't any catches yet though, but I'll keep trying!

Also, I do own a pink Razr now, hee hee. It has been a while actually, I just didn't post about it. In fact, I think I bid on an eBay auction the night I posted about it, and it arrived probably about a week after. I was really excited when I first received it, in fact I went around the office showing my colleagues and most of them just rolled their eyes at me, LOL (they're quite a bit older than me). That excitement has died now, but it's still fun to have a pink phone. Oh, and Debbi, I have 2 pink watches, I don't wear them everyday as I alternate my watches (I have about 10 Paul Frank watches), but I love all my pink accessories! I told Terrence one day I will give him a pink overload, pink shirt, pink shoes, pink watch, pink phone, driving around in a pink Mini! Hahaha.... *grin*

Work has been picking up a little bit. Sometimes I still feel meh about it, but at least there are a few projects that I'm working on that I do feel quite enthusiastic about. Having to deal with people is still my Achilles heel though, I get nervous and very uncomfortable. And of course, some are just pricks. Like yesterday, I had to present to a guy who's one of the sales directors in the company, so he's quite up there, if you get what I mean. Naturally, I'm anxious as hell and just trying to keep calm as much as possible. I was presenting about some analysis that I did about the customer base, which he was really keen to know more about, and he wanted a printout. I wanted to make sure that he got it so I asked how I could pass it to him as he was running out for lunch and he was flying back to Sydney shortly after. His employee, the team leader of his sales team, just asked me to pop it on his desk for the big boss, and that's fine. Like I said, I was quite nervous, so I must have said it a few times to the big boss that I would be leaving it on the other guy's desk for him. Then the team leader dude went up to the big boss and said, "D, did you hear that? Eileen said she would be leaving it on my desk for you" in a really sarcastic tone and with a smirking laugh. Fine, I was probably babbling on a bit, but I'm nervous, I'm trying to make a good impression, trying to get my work to him, and he didn't have to be so cruel and such a jerk about it. *sigh* Why can't people just be nice?

Well, first rant of 2006, yay! LOL. Apart from that, the year has been going fine. Terrence's birthday is next week, he wants something quiet so we'll just be enjoying a nice meal at home. Frankly, I think he's depressed that he's turning 26, hee hee, it's inching closer to the late 20s mark! *grin* He has also declared 2006 the year of the diet, not sure how I feel about that, but I will try my best to at least stick to the exercise. I'm already aching from the first week back at gym so I will need strong willpower to tough it out for the rest of the year! Hopefully I will finally lose some weight this year :(

I've also set a challenge for myself to read 100 books in 2006, don't know if I will make it, but I am currently doing well, I have read 5 books so far. I'll also be doing a round robin this year! How exciting is that?! I haven't stitched in ages! The two RRs that I've been in have been disappointing, but I reckon this one will be different. It's with 3 online friends from Cyberstitchers, they're fabulous people and excellent stitchers, so I'm really looking forward to it! I just need to be disciplined and organised and make sure I stick to the timelines, and definitely no getting distracted by books when I should be stitching, hee hee. I also found an Australian charity stitching organisation, Quilts4Kids, so that's great too. This one allows for no time-limit stitching so that's great, I always felt guilty with Binky Helpers when I couldn't quickly finish up squares that I signed up for. With Quilts4Kids, I can stitch on some general themes that they have identified as the more popular ones, so I can just send in stitched squares whenever I have them done!

Look at me, I haven't blogged in a while, and here I am, just blabbering away, heh. If you've dropped by, leave me a message to say hello! Take care everyone, and I hope to post an update sooner than later! :)

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