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Stinkin' HOT

I HATE summer! I know that most people love the warm weather, but for me, I say, winter please! Currently I'm living in a rental place and we have no air-conditioning, it gets incredible stuffy and suffocating, and having the fans blowing doesn't really help much as it's only the hot air that gets circulated around! So, my theory is, when it's cold, I can layer up and keep warm, but when it's hot, there's only so much I can strip off. I do like the longer days, I admit, but I wish it wouldn't be so friggin' hot! And according to the weather report, it's going to be more than 40 degrees celcius tomorrow, oh dear, I'm not leaving the house. I can only look forward to the day I have my own place, and you can bet, there will be some kind of cooling system somewhere!

Speaking about properties, we did spend most of the day looking at houses. Today wasn't the best day for running around from place to place as it was so incredibly hot, but at least it was a fairly productive day. In total, we saw 5 places, one we only drove past as we were too late for open inspection. Out of the 5, I really like 2, and another one was okay. Unfortunately, one of the 2 that I like, the real estate agent said that there isn't a price set yet, so I have no idea whether it's completely out of budget or it could be something that we can seriously consider. And, it's going to be sold by auction and that won't happen till first week of March. Not like I'm dying to buy a house right NOW (like money will drop out of the sky), but I just like to know, if that makes sense. The other one that I like, the price is okay, the interior is very nice and it's a decent-sized house. The cons are, it's pretty far away from the city, and it's also in an estate area, so it does feel a little cramped with all the surrounding houses and we won't get as much privacy as we currently have. Oh well, this is a big move and there's a lot to consider, so it will take us a long time before we decide. Sigh, the pains of being an adult! LOL.

I haven't started stitching for my RR yet (oops), but I will start this coming week. It's a public holiday on Thursday (Australia Day) and I have asked to take the day off the Friday after, so it will be a nice long weekend for me! It's supposedly REALLY HOT as well from the Thursday onwards, so I will just hide out at home and start with the stitching! *keeping my fingers crossed* As for my reading goal, I'm doing well so far, I'm now at 10 books for the month, and I've started book #11. I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's White Teeth, I'm only a few pages in, but it does seem quite interesting so far. I think I will enjoy it!

Well, that's it from me. I'm going to try to find the coolest corner of the house and chill out there, before my head explodes! LOL. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Good luck staying cool! I was reading in AnneS's blog that it was over 40. I can't even imagine trying to endure that without air conditioning!

Over 40 degrees?! I'd rather be dead than be in Melbourne. Poor you. Can you stitch in weather like this? Well, I can, but I know some people who can't. Don't worry about your RR, Eileen, I haven't started mine, either. I'm still wrecking my brain as to how I'm going to map it out. Surprisingly difficult theme, this Bay Sampler. Good luck with the weather and the house-hunting. I hope you will find a fabulous, quiet, air-conditioned place very soon.

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