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Ideas please! :)

So, I've stalled on the bookmark that I was stitching for myself but I started working on the ones that I wanted to send out as gifts. I'm part of a Secret Santa exchange with BookCrossing, and I thought it would be neat to send my exchange partners bookmarks as little extras together with the main gift (books from their wishlists). I was going to do regular designs, but I figured it would be too time-consuming (not enough time and I've got 2 to do!) so I just picked out an alphabet design I liked and charted them into PC Stitch, spelling out their names. Something really simple, nothing fancy.

I started stitching this one today as it's a public holiday here in Melbourne, in between doing laundry, ironing and watching TV, hee hee. I was hoping that I could get more ideas on finishing them when they're completed. I was going to go with an idea from one of my friends, Esther, to just use craft glue, but I think that probably works better with aida fabric. I ended up using evenweave and just cropping it and "firming" the piece up with craft glue may not work too well. So, if anyone has any other ideas, please share with me! The simpler the better, nothing too complicated for this un-crafty person, stitching is the only thing that I can handle! *grin*

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it if you leave me a message and share with me your ideas! :)

To finish the back of the bookmark and make it sturdier I would attach sticky felt on the back.
Hope that helps!

I'm the idea man why don't you ask me. Tsk tsk. Here's my idea: craft glue.

No really: Laminate it or plastic tabs with adhesive backing.

Talk about poor utilisation of available resources. Man...

sticky felt is the way girl.. no laminating. :D your stitching will be ruined that way LOL :D

LOL, thanks harsha for the tip. ignore the 2nd comment, that's just my bf being silly, hee hee....

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