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Loving my TV

YAY! All my fave TV shows are back, plus some new ones! :) I know this post comes a bit late, but with last week's drama, I thought it wasn't the best time to talk about TV then, hee hee. With everything coming back almost all at once, I haven't even had the time to watch all of my shows! Oh well, I definitely have lots of viewing material to help me get through my ironing, LOL.

Another good piece of news was that my badminton membership finally came through! I try to play badminton at least once a week (on top of gym), it's a sport that I do enjoy and of course, I would rather play badminton more than increasing the number of gym days. Court hire is $9.50 an hour, but membership for unlimited use is only $32 a month. There was a limit of 130 memberships though, and I have been on the waiting list for almost 5 months. I got a call a couple of days ago that I finally got a membership! Even if I just stuck to the usual once a week, I would already have made more than full use of my membership. The plan is to play badminton 3 times a week and go to gym twice a week. The bad thing is I find it difficult to give up food, I'm not going to have a feast every day, but I don't want to eat like a rabbit either. Well, let's hope with increase physical activity, the weight will soon start coming off anyway.

I still haven't done any stitching. I probably will start soon, I wanna stitch myself a bookmark, I think it will be a very useful item considering all the books that I'm reading now. Much better than just shoving in the nearest piece of scrap paper I can find, hee hee. I will start looking at patterns and see what I wanna use for my bookmark. Hopefully my needle will be put to work soon enough!

Oh, and try this: http://www.websudoku.com/, it's kinda fun and you can get lost in it. I solved my first puzzle yesterday, I was proud of myself! Hee hee...

Of course you are still on teh list of blogs that I will be reading. I hope I didn't give the wrong idea...I will still be blogging and reading my friends', just cut the list down.
Anywho, I am also glad that the new TV season has started. As a TV junkie, the summer months are hard, tho getting better. Where there used to be nothing on, some channels on cable have some really good shows to watch and we rent alot of movies during the summer. Have a great week. :0)

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