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*Six Feet Under Spoiler*

Nate DIES?! Well, I guess I kinda saw it coming, but still, it's totally unexpected. I'm at a loss, I need the next episode, I need to know what happens. AHHHHHH..... So much for a happy ever after huh? Too much to ask for on Six Feet Under, I suppose. Can the next episode get here faster? And I better get to bed now....you see, this staying up late thing would never happen if Terrence was around, LOL.

Can you believe it!?!? Personally I never ever liked the Nate character and after him basically dissing Brenda, goodbye *NATE* good riddance! Now who'll get Mia (or is it Mya?)
Have a great trip AND your Marriage piece looks wunderbar!!!

I was okay with Nate, but I did not like what he did to Brenda at all. Okay, so she has been real horrible to him, but at least she is really trying this time, and she forgave him instantly for sleeping with Maggie and she is willing to work at the relationship. And for goodness' sake, the woman's pregnant with YOUR CHILD! Next episode is going to be interesting, that's for sure!

And what's wunderbar? LOL. I assume it's something along the lines of 'wonderful', hee hee, is that German? Thanks for the comments anyway, and I will have a fun trip! Although I really don't like flying....LOL.

eileen :)

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