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I found this on the web and thought it was hilarious. I really needed a laugh, not that I'm feeling down or anything, but yeah, things have been pretty dead around here (although uneventful can be good).

So, after proclaiming that I was going to finish 'The Marriage Tree' this week, I only managed to get in 2 nights' worth of stitching, so I'm still not quite near the finish line. I will try to do some stitching tonight and hopefully more tomorrow, and see if I can still meet that deadline. I guess as long as I've finished it before I head off for my vacation, I will be okay, I'll just have to get this framed in Singapore instead of here. It would have been so neat to frame this myself, alas, things don't always go the way you want them to.

I have been so lazy....just procrastinating and not doing the things that I really should be doing. This computer can be sooooooo bad sometimes, I just sit here and veg out, which is such a complete waste of my time. I know it, but I just do that at times, like my brain just needs to "rot" for a while. Also because I'm alone, it's almost like I don't quite know what to do with myself. I did do a few things today, but I've stretched them out over a few hours, when really they don't take long to do. Oh well, the night is still young, plenty of time for me to squeeze in all the stuff that needs to be done, eh?

I can't wait for Friday to come, I will miss the doggies terribly, and I will probably worry about a million things even while on vacation, but it also means I get a break from work, and just have a bit of fun for 2 weeks, that will be awesome. I'm going to start packing this weekend, cos I know I won't have time to pack during the work week, and I don't want to start panicking and freaking out on the Friday night I leave. I bought a few books from Borders yesterday, I also have a couple of bookrings, so I will have plenty of in-flight and airport reading material.

Anyways, I better finish up this post, otherwise I'm never going to leave this computer. Here's wishing everyone a good weekend! I hope my next post will be a picture of 'The Marriage Tree' completed. Till then.

The cartoon is a riot!

I know what you mean about procrastinating. Now that I have all the time in the world, you'd think I'd "do" something ... not. Just kinda hang in front of the pc all the time waiting for someone to post something that I can reply to - LOL!

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