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I'm happy :)

Things are alright now, not that it was ever horribly bad, but things feel good at this stage. Work wasn't that fantastic, there were more challenges, but I had a 1:1 with my manager yesterday (it got postponed from Tuesday), and I voiced my concerns with that particular person. I don't necessarily want any particular action to happen, but as long as he's aware, I'm happy with that. I'm looking forward to better weeks at work until I run off for my 2-week break. It's gonna be busy and stressful, but I can deal with situations like that, I just don't need some b*tch antagonising me for no reason. I'm leaving for Sydney tomorrow afternoon for work. I need to be at the Sydney office by 7.30 am on the Monday morning, so there's no way I'm leaving that morning and turning myself into a zombie, I won't be able to get anything done. It will be an exceptionally short weekend, so just gotta make the most of it.

I bought Mario Party 5 for the Gamecube yesterday, it was on special, so I simply couldn't resist. I got my copy of the sixth HP book today, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', so I'm also happy about that! Something I can read on the flight to Sydney and back, and at the hotel too, if I'm not doing work on my laptop. I also bought 'The Wishlist' by Eoin Colfer while I was at the bookstore. I already had this book, but I had lent it to my sister, who, without asking me, had lent it to a colleague, and that person apparently has no memory of it whatsoever! GRRRRR.... I hate it when people lose my stuff, or just claim ignorance when I ask them about something that they have borrowed! This wasn't a direct loan (and my sister really shouldn't have done it!!) but still, it's annoying. Oh wells, I got my replacement, and I'm over it now.

I have not done any stitching at all this week *gasp* I have been really engrossed with this whole bookcrossing thing, so that has been taking up my spare time during the evenings. I will start putting stitches into my 'Marriage Tree' piece next week, as I really should hustle and meet the deadline I set for myself. Anyways, that's it from me, I need to get some household chores done before I settle down and sink my teeth into my HP (just realised, same initials as my workplace, LOL) book. I hope everyone has a good weekend, till next time! :)

double *gasp* !! no stitching?? LOL. I can't go a week without stitching.. i need to do it, if only to keep me sane :D

glad to read that work is looking up. Have fun with the reading. I'm not a HP fan but I think it's because I have so many other things I want to read first. :-) debbi

LOL. i can go without stitching, as i do get into stitching slumps ocassionally. i wouldn't call this a stitching slump though, just that there were other things i wanted to do, hee hee.

i'm a hp fan (feels funny to say that, lol, i guess it can work both ways, at TIMES, haha), there's plenty of other stuff to read, but i will devote some time to mr potter, although, i DID NOT enjoy this last book at all, hmmm, i wonder if any other hp fans feel the same way.....


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