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After a week.....

What a week. This week flew by really fast because of 2 full-day training sessions, before I knew it, it was the weekend already. Which usually is a good thing, but this time, not that great. A lot of things happened while I was away at training, and there are a lot of new initiatives starting. We have a huge revenue target for the second half of the financial year, and I'm starting to feel the pressure and getting a little stressed out. I want to do the best I can and contribute in every way, but sometimes I feel a little helpless because I do not have the knowledge like the veterans I'm working with, and also feel a little frustrated because of a lack of direction and guidance sometimes. I did get some good feedback from some bigshots in the company on Friday on something that I have been working on, so that definitely felt good. It's crunch time from now on, I just hope I don't royally screw up somehow, and if I were to do a good job, I sure hope that management will also acknowledge that too. I think validation and recognition is important, at least someone knows that I've been doing well! Hee hee....

Stitching wise, I think it's been going great. I have been stitching every night since last Saturday night, which is a first since starting full-time work back in February. Stitching has also helped me to stay awake longer. I know it sounds so pathetic, but while getting adjusted to full-time work, I have been heading to bed usually by 9 plus, so that I don't feel like I'm a zombie at 6.3o am the next morning, LOL. With stitching, I didn't put down the needle until 10 plus, with a record 11 plus almost midnight for one night. It didn't feel too horrible in the morning either, I hope I will get used to it, cos it's great to have more hours during the day, I sometimes feel I just don't have enough time to do everything.

As for the actual progress, don't think I did too bad at all, not shabby for a week's worth of stitching, about 1-2 hours each night. I did get a fair bit in today though. At this rate, I think I should be able to make my August deadline with plenty of time for framing and ready to be on the plane with me when I head off for my holiday. I can't wait for the break!!

Anyways, here's the picture of my progress. If you're visiting, do leave a comment! It feels like no one's visiting me much anymore, boooo hoooo *sob* Hee hee......

Raise the Roof Designs - The Marriage Tree (WIP)
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Hi Eileen,

Here I am!
This looks great, I love the color so far...
I'm sure the powers that be are noticing you at work, sometimes they just don't say anything, sadly you hear it more if there are complaints and not praise...no news is good news!
Have a great week!

Eileen, it's very pretty so far! Sounds as though you'll have it done in plenty of time with your "new" stitching pattern.

Now I want to do "Lavender Hill" - yours is very nice!

thanks petra and nancy for leaving me messages, i love comments! :D

petra, u're right, there are still lots of things that i need to get used to about the working world, heh.

nancy, thanks for the compliments! havent managed to do any stitching yet this week, but i sure hope i will meet my deadline! as for lavender hill, u'll have lots of fun stitching it up, it's a fairly quick stitch, i was just real lazy with it, lol.

thanks again for dropping in!

eileen :)

hello from the beach. I love how it's coming out. Great job. Keep posting pics so we can see how you're doing.

hi back, debbi! :)

i hope u're having lots of fun at the beach, soaking up the sun and re-energising yourself! it's nothing but miserable rain in melbourne at the moment. and don't you worry, i will definitely be posting my progress, it's kinda fun for me to see how much i've done since the last time too!

eileen :)

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