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And the weekend is here....

WOOO HOOO, weekends usually go quick, but at least this week felt as though it went by just as quick. Nothing out of the ordinary happened for me, I did have one awesome day, and that was because my order from Amy @ Down Sunshine Lane arrived! YIPPEEE! It certainly made my day, and I had fun poring over my new stash at the office, just for a little while anyways, hee hee. What was even better, my Treat of the Month from Sugar Maple Fabrics arrived on the same day, so it was double fun for me. The only downer for that day was my laptop went screwy that night, it's still a bit messed up at the moment, but seems to be stable for now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else stuffs up.

Haven't got much planned for the weekend, did do a little shopping tonight cos there are stocktake sales happening, didn't get much though, got a new shirt for work, a couple pairs of earrings, was really hoping to get new shoes, but everything sucked! Got a few errands to run tomorrow, and probably will just spend the rest of the day doing stuff around the house or bum and veg out *grin* Will be playing badminton on Sunday morning and then, it's waiting for the week to begin again, sigh. At least a long weekend is coming up, that will be really awesome, but the next long weekend won't be till November! We should really push for 4-day work weeks, LOL. Just kidding!

Alrighty, just a short one for tonight, probably will do a stitchy blog tomorrow. Annette answered some stitching questions on her blog, and I will probably pinch it from there and do the same, hee hee. Anyways, hope everyone has a killer weekend coming up, be back soon!

Hope you have a great weekend and get mega chances to bum and stitch!

PS Your pup is so adorable in his star wars costume, so much you can do with a blanket, LOL!

hee hee...it's usually really hard to do much with banzai, cos he will just move and ruin everything, he must be really really sleepy that day for terrence to pull that off!

eileen :)

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