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Is this GORGEOUS or what?!

I LOVE THIS STITCHED ENVELOPE! It's my first ever and I am absolutely in love with it. When I took it out of my mailbox, I was squealing in delight, it's just so pretty, and the stitching is FABULOUS. Can you believe the lady who stitched this for me did it OVER ONE?! It's so beautiful in person, this scan simply doesn't do it justice. THANK YOU ANNEMARIE, it's the best stitched gift EVER! :) Posted by Hello

It is beautiful!

Are you planning to stitch one too?

Happy Stitching,

How cute is this! And the mailman didn't ruin it? I'd be afraid to put it in the mail. cute! debbi

thanks annette and debbi! :)

annette, unfortunately, i have absolutely no talent with the sewing machine, so i'm stitching just a regular piece, but i would LOVE to figure out how to do one of these stitched envelopes. they're beautiful, and they make such lovely gifts.

debbi! the mailman didnt ruin it, surprisingly, mailmen from both ends have been good, and it got here from the netherlands safe and sound, hee hee. terrence said he was surprised it didnt get stolen, lol. it really is so cute, i cant help but stare at it all the time, LOL.

eileen :p

WOW it's gorgeous and what a wonderful pattern! You're so lucky!

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