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WIP pic

My stitching progress for today. Didn't do a whole lot more since the last time, but at least it's something. Don't think I will get any stitching in tomorrow as I want to get some things done around the house, since I was pretty much bumming today, hee hee. Well, will post an update if I do get any stitching done, or when I finally get that picture of my little red car from my laptop. Till then! :) Posted by Hello

Beautiful Leeny! Miss ya at CSE- pop in sometime. :-)

*YEA* you finally got some stitching in :-) Sorry to hear about the car - the feelings you have are the same I have about my first car. Well must run! Will TTYL!

awwww....thanks tracey! u're too sweet! :) yeah, it's been hard to keep up with the messages from CSE, i usually check group mail over the weekend, and i pretty much just hit delete on my gmail account, lol. i know, it sounds bad, but yeah, it's just too hard to try to read everything, so i just scan e-mail subjects. i have been keeping track of ur baby countdown on ur blog too, it must be such an exciting time, keep the updates coming! :)

and mercy, i am glad to get some stitching in too! i was washing dishes and trying to listen to the tv at the same time, but i kept missing what was going on, so i thought, stuff it, i'm just gonna bum, watch tv, and get my stitching in, hee hee. dont think i can do that today, but there is the next weekend, and hopefully i will get a heap more done then.

alrighty, it feels like i'm doing a mini blog here, lol, thanks ladies for checking in, take care, and i will be back! :)

Every day I'm loving this pattern more and more.

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