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I have muscles...

Hi everyone! Thanks for leaving me comments, and it's so sweet to hear that you gals still check in all the time, I will definitely try to keep up and give you more stuff to read about, hee hee.

So, let me begin with my very rare blog during the work week. Don't know if you've guessed it from my title, but yes, I have started going to the gym. I think it's a complete rip-off (they're charging $90 a month), but Terrence has sorta forced me to go, and although I don't want to (I'm telling people that I'm paying to get tortured), I know it's good for me. I should lose some weight (and believe me, I'm not a skinny girl trying to be a skeleton, I'm BIG), and it doesn't hurt to just shape up, get fit and be healthy. Tuesday was my first night, and tonight was the 2nd, and wow wee, what do you know, I do actually have some muscles, LOL. The first night was really BAD, I am super unfit, and the first few minutes on the cross-trainer, I was already struggling. I know, bad huh? I did manage to hang on for about 10 minutes (DON'T LAUGH, I know it's pathetic), but my legs were aching a bit after that, and I was breathing pretty hard too. I rested a bit and then went on the treadmill, but I did tell Terrence he couldn't push me too hard on the first night, as I am very unfit, and I need to slowly build up from there. It was a bit better tonight, I think I'm getting used to the machines, I could go for a bit longer, and I was doing it faster too. I'm not getting the cross-trainer right though, I told Terrence I was locking my knees while on it, and I shouldn't be doing that. So the next time I'm there, I will just stick to the exercise bike and the treadmill, and then get used to the cross-trainer slowly. So yes, I've finally joined the culture of going to gym, I'm just hoping I will be disciplined and stick with this, and hopefully with the money I'm paying, I will see some results eventually.

The other big thing is work-related, well, maybe not that big, but I'm presenting to my team members (actually, make that my other team member as my supervisor/unofficial manager is on leave) and my BIG BOSS tomorrow. It's just a report back on my meet-and-greet sessions during the first few weeks, to show my understanding of the business and try to throw in a fresh perspective and add value where I can. It's supposed to be more of a friendly interaction thing, but I'm hoping I don't screw up, because I don't see much of my direct manager (he's based in Sydney, I'm in Melbourne), and this helps to increase my visibility where he's concerned, and hopefully allow me to demonstrate some of my capabilities. I'm not feeling too nervous, but who knows what's gonna happen come tomorrow?! Oh well, wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

Alrighty, that's it from me for now, time for me to wind down and start preparing for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to this weekend as it's gonna be an extended one because of Labour Day on Monday. Woooo hoooo....how I love weekends now! LOL. Once again, thanks for all the messages, I love hearing from my friends out there :) Hope everything's going well with all of you (I check all of your blogs regularly too!), take care! *kisses*

just want to add something, i'm so sad that nikko smith is not in the top 12. if i were in america, i would have voted for him *sob*

eileen :(

Hey there :)
I'm joining a gym too *sigh* I'm going to force myself to go. I found an old picture of me and boy was I hot LOL. Good Luck with it!!!

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