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Irregular Choice shoes

People who know me will know that I'm HARDLY a funky or fashionable person, but these shoes were too cute to pass up! They're so not me, but hey, I thought I'd take a ride on the wild side and at least own a couple of pairs of out-there shoes, LOL. The cat shoes I bought last year in January when I was in Portland, and I have already worn them a few times. Since they are still predominantly black, they're not that outrageous. The hot pink ones, I won those off eBay and they just arrived today. Don't actually know when I will wear them, IF I'm brave enough that is, but I still think they're cool! *grin* Posted by Hello

Too cool Eileen! I especially like the black ones.

OMG - I have to show these to my cousin! If it's weird then she'll take one in every color! I love the cat ones, the pink ones are a little outrageous for me but I can actually probably find an outfit that would match them perfectly - hmmm thinking short skirt and some funky leg warmers with a crazy bag...

yeah, those pink ones are actually way too outrageous for me, i wonder what possessed me to bid on them, lol. i actually have a paul frank bag that will match those shoes, but uh, right now, it's all a matter of bravery, i'll let u know if i do ever walk out of the front door in them, lol.

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