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Good and Bad

I've got two moods today: grouchy and happy, LOL. Actually, by now, they've merged into a neutral mood, hee hee. I was in a real pissy mood earlier this morning. The pair of earrings that I bought last week broke and I had taken it back to the shop for repairs. Well, I got a call from them saying that it could not be repaired but they would not refund my money. I was really annoyed at this cos this is what is stated on the receipt: "Any return is subject to repair replacement or refund in that order if item is deemed faulty through manufacture." Their excuse is that they could not determine for sure if it was a faulty product. AS IF!! I was planning to be this total bitch and demand for a refund no matter what, or I would report them, dispute bank charges and whatever else. It isn't the money, but their attitude was horrible and I really hated how they totally disregarded their own responsibilities towards the customer. However, by the time I reached the store, I changed my mind. I was still angry and pissed off at them, but I really didn't want to work myself into a frenzy and ruin the rest of my day for good. Instead, I chose another pair of earrings as an exchange. The sucky thing was, there were few choices that would would be suitable for work, so the only good one I managed to find was not on sale, meaning I had to pay extra for this pair. Blech. Oh well, that's all done, and I will never go back to that store ever again.

The good part about today was that I received my pair of shoes that I won on eBay! :) This was the first time that I purchased shoes online, cos I don't really trust shoe sizes and prefer to try them on in person, and I was proven right cos this pair was a little too big, but that can be easily fixed. Anyways, they arrived today, and they are so cute! This is my second pair of 'Irregular Choice' cute and funky shoes. I don't know when I will be brave enough to wear these, but it's still good to have them! LOL. I will share a picture later, together with my first pair, the only 2 pairs of shoes that I own that are cool, hee hee.

Well, this is my last week of bumming, next Monday, I'm off to work at HP! WOOO HOOO! I'm excited, but also a little scared and nervous. I'm not quite sure what to expect, and also a little paranoid that everyone will hate me, or get fired after the first week, LOL. The first week should be interesting, as I will get to meet all of the new employees recruited via the graduate program from around Australia as well as from New Zealand. I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in my life, but probably will also be a little sad to leave behind my carefree student life. And of course all that time to bum, relax and stitch whenever I want! *grin* Anyways, I'm off to stitch now, I'm almost done with this project I'm working on, I'm itching for it to be finished! Laterz!

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