Sunday, March 12, 2006


Hurrah! Okay, so it's already Sunday and the long weekend is almost over, but hey, I don't have to go to work tomorrow and that's always a good thing! I have been absolutely exhausted from work, I have never been so busy before! The week before, I was pretty much in Sydney the whole week, working on preparations for an internal event and it was just work, work, work. I was always in the office early, about 7am and it was late nights too, till about 2+ am. I arrived back in Melbourne late on Friday night, and on Saturday, I had to head back into the office for about half a day to finish up some things. The event itself was from Monday to Wednesday, it was held at Wollongong, so there was more travelling there, which always makes me feel very weary, but all in all, the event went well! I feel absolutely drained, but I was very pleased that everything flowed smoothly and there was a lot of positive feedback about the 3-day event. It is still going to be pretty hectic at work, but at least with this major event over, I won't feel like I need to clone myself!

I also had a very interesting day yesterday. Terrence's mother is here on holidays from Egypt. She had gone to Brunei first, arrived last Sunday and will be heading back to Brunei on a late flight tonight for about 2-3 more weeks before returning to Egypt. So anyway, one of Terrence's relatives owns a vineyard/winery in Anakie, Victoria, very near Geelong, for those who know where that is. It's now the season to pick grapes, so we headed out there yesterday to help with the grape-picking. They don't use any machinery, all the fruit is handpicked so they need all the support they can get. It was the first time I had ever gone grape-picking, so it was a lot of fun. It is also labour-intensive and I felt pretty tired, not to mention I haven't quite recovered from my hectic work weeks! It started getting pretty hot in the early afternoon as well and I wasn't quite attired properly to cope with the heat. Still, it was a very unique experience and since the grape-picking pretty much happens once a year, I definitely wouldn't mind helping out at the next one. I also got the chance to try the fresh grape juice from the pressing of the grapes that we helped pick, it was soooooo incredibly sweet, it was just lovely! I don't drink wine so I can't appreciate the final product very well, but that grape juice was heavenly. Being the lovely folks that they are, they actually gave me a couple of bottles of grape juice! I also got a bottle of still fermenting Sauvignon Blanc, I can't remember how old it is, but it was actually still very sweet and just a touch of the alcohol flavours coming through. It was absolutely fantastic, if only all wine could be sold like that! LOL. Terrence got a few proper bottles of wine for himself, he enjoyed the Pinot Noir so they gave him 2 of that, plus a bottle of Rose. Anyways, for those in Australia, do go visit the website and buy a few bottles to try yourself:

To my RR friends who are reading, can I confess that life has been so hectic, I haven't had a chance to stitch?! I'm stuck at where I last stopped, I will try to stitch as much as I can with the spare time that I get, but I'm a little worried that I may not be able to hit the March 21 deadline. I will definitely hustle, but if I somehow don't make it, please be patient with me! And Annemarie, apologies about giving away spoilers on Grey's Anatomy! I just wasn't thinking, I was so caught up with the latest plot developments, hee hee. I will make sure not to do that in the future, or if I simply must share, I will provide spoiler warnings!

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy some of that lovely grape juice chilling in my fridge. It's an incredibly hot day today, so what better way to cool off? Hee hee.... Thanks everyone for reading my ramblings, I hope your weekend has been going well so far! Till next time, see ya! (^_^)

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