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Firstly, I have some great news to share. My grandmother had her check-up with the doctors recently and we received excellent news. My grandma had two tumours, one of which is now gone! Of course, there is no guarantee that it won't come back, but this was really the best outcome possible as the doctors were hoping for precisely that to happen through the radiotherapy and chemo sessions. The other tumour that is in the rectum wall is still there, but that one the doctors were always planning to remove through surgery. I'm not too sure when the operation is scheduled, my sister said that the doctors still plan to keep monitoring my grandmother's condition before going ahead. But still, this is really really fantastic stuff and we couldn't be more pleased. It was definitely nice to have some uplifting news.

Secondly, I cut my hair on Friday! I went through a phase where I would only cut my hair once a year when I was back in Singapore because I could never find a hairdresser in Melbourne that I liked. Then, my friend, Miho, recommended a place to me, and the guy was pretty good; at least I didn't feel like crying when I walked out. LOL. Okay, that's being a tad dramatic, but you get what I mean. Anyways, the last few times I've been there, I've just been getting a bob haircut, which is fine but getting a bit boring. So this time, I said I want something different and I got it! I'm still getting used to it because I haven't had a fringe for ages, but it's growing on me and I like it! So yep, that's me, with my round face and all, but hopefully it will get sharper with all the exercise that I'm doing! Muahahaha... For some reason, my hair looks really flat in the photo, but oh well, you get the idea. (^_^)

Lastly, I managed to get some stitching in yesterday! I had another craft night with my friends, and this time there were 6 of us (and Licorice the cat) so that was good fun! Three of us stitched, one was knitting, another was beading and the last was drawing. I didn't work on the LHN piece that I was previously stitching but decided to get started on my own part of my RR, which should have been done yonks ago. I didn't get much done, but it's a good start and it feels good to be stitching again! Anyways, it's a Monsterbubbles freebie called 'Home' and suits my theme perfectly. Hopefully I will finish it soon, here's where I'm up to at the moment:

Anyway, that's it from me. Before the weekend totally disappears, I better get some laundry done! Till next time!

You look pretty Eileen :)
Your hair is very nice :)

I'm anxious to hear all about your exercising....I've been doing a lot of walking of late to try to cut down my "roundness" too :) LOL!

The hair looks great Eileen. I love the start and I just started yoga to rid myself of my "roundness".

That is great news about your grandma! Love the haircut, doesnt a good haircut make you feel so much better?! Great new stitching start too

your hair looks great!!!
i always end up hating my har cut, i show them a picture and i get nothing compared to what i wanted in the first place so yeah i wil not be cutting my hair soon
thanks for the comments on my little chunky ballon lol
she is getting so big and yes hairy! it too bad in the summer we reach about 120 degrees but i really dont want to cut it, to me its what makes her her

aren't you cute! I love your hair ... of course I would because mine is absolutely the opposite of yours!


I think your cut looks cute. :)

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