Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello 2008!

Wow, it has been exactly 7 months since my last post! Well, I'm still here, although very very much inactive. The second half of last year was incredibly hectic that I barely had enough time for sleep, let alone doing the things I loved: stitching, reading, blogging. What's that thing they say about the tree falling in the forest, I wonder if the same applies to a stitcher: if there's no time to stitch, can it still be considered a hobby? When I could catch a breather, I didn't have the energy or motivation to blog as I knew I couldn't keep up, and as much as I loved reading other blogs and catching up with what was going on in other people's lives and all the latest stitchy conquests, I was just out of gas. Which is a shame, because I peek in now and then, and what I see is always so amazing and I wish I could be an active part of all your blogs with my regular visits and comments. Thank you to those who have thought of me and keep dropping by to see if I have updated, I'm so sorry to have stayed away until now, and even so, I won't be able to blog regularly, but I'm here, and I will try to say hello now and again. Please know that I think of all of you and visit when I can, even though I'm a silent lurker. If you want to, feel free to e-mail me, I definitely have more time for e-mails than blogging because I can at least sneak those in while at work! *grin*

So, what's new with me? Nothing much, really. I'm still chugging along with my health and exercise regime, although it has taken a serious hit since the Christmas break with lots of pigging out while I was overseas for work and a holiday. I'm resuming with it though, so hopefully I will reach my goal -- if only I can resist all the bad stuff! As for wedding plans, we still hope for a wedding in September, although we're fast approaching it and we still are being absolute slackers and haven't done much. I'm sure we'll get there once we start panicking although I sure hope it doesn't get to that stage! I still haven't fully settled in with my new role at work but I think it's a matter of mindset and getting out of my comfort zone, and I will get there eventually.

I also started a book blog. I know what you're thinking, she can barely keep up with one, and now she's starting another? Is the woman mad or what?! My book blog is purely for sharing what I think about the books I read. Unlike stitching, reading is something that I can keep up with, although not as much as I would like to. A book is easy for me bring around anywhere, although I know the dedicated stitchers will probably say the same about their projects. When I joined BookCrossing, I picked up the habit of putting in journal entries for books I read and I would like to continue that for books that aren't registered on BookCrossing. By no means am I a book reviewer, I just share what I think, regardless of popular opinion. There aren't many books on there yet, but feel free to visit: A Rainbow of Books.

Before I go, I will leave you with a picture of my RR (from two years ago, and still not complete!) with my square finished. Well, technically it's still missing my signature, but at least the square is all stitched. It's not something I did recently, I think I finished it somewhere between August and October last year? I had hoped to only share it after I've signed it, and I said I would do it last year, but here we are in 2008 and it's still at where I've left it. Hopefully I'll get to the signature and the middle section sometime this year. To my RR mates, Harmien, Annemarie and Mady, aren't I the most pathetic RR partner ever?! I don't know if my RR mates will read this but I promise, I will e-mail a picture of a complete RR one of these days, even if it only comes years later!

Well, that's it from me, and hopefully it won't be another 7 months before I check in next. I hope it has been a great start to the year for all of you and I wish everyone well for 2008!

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