Friday, December 31, 2004

2005, here I come! :)

HEY HEY HEY, it's New Year's eve, and I am free from the restaurant! Forever! Hopefully anyway...when my boss said her goodbyes to me last night, she was saying that she would call me from time to time, and get me to help out when I can, and also "booking" me to work there on Mother's Day, which is like MONTHS from now! I mean, I have no problems helping out if I can, but once I start full-time work, it's impossible for me to work my usual nights on weekdays, and do I really want to sacrifice my weekends? Not to mention the restaurant is a 40km-drive away, which makes it 80km to and fro for each trip. Also, if I really help her out on Mother's Day, which will be on a Sunday, and it gets absolutely insane on that day, I will probably be so wrecked from that, it will affect my working day at HP on the Monday after, and that is something I definitely don't want happening. I want to be put in my absolute best, and of course being a new employee, I need to demonstrate to my superiors my capabilities and contribution to the company, working nights at the restaurant will not help that. So I didn't want to reject her outright, I just smiled at her and kinda laughed it off, and I told her it will all depend on how my work is going at HP. Sorry Rosanna (my now ex-boss), but that's just the way it's gotta be.

Now, on to the weirdest thing. I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I was at Terrence's brother's place, in a non-existent common lounge, and somehow ended up in a fight with some strangers. In my dream, Terrence comes to my rescue (he didn't do too well though, LOL), and it moves from there to me taking a piano from the same non-existent lounge. I then dreamt that I blogged about this whole incident! LOL. That was the weirdest thing ever, I woke up and went, HUH? I wonder if it's some kind of indication that I'm turning into a blog addict *grin* In a way, part of my dream actually came true, since I'm blogging about it! Oh wells, it was just real strange, and thought I would share this little snippet.

Not doing anything exciting today even though it's New Year's eve. Terrence and I have headed to the city twice before to see the fireworks, the first time was alright, but the second time was absolutely atrocious. There were just too many people, and I am alright with crowds, but during that time, people were just shoving and pushing, and I saw so many screaming and terrified kids, and really freaked out parents, it was just so awful for them, and I felt the same way too. And when the fireworks finally came, it was a big 'HUH? THAT WAS IT?' kinda feeling, so it just wasn't worth it, and I don't want to go through the same thing this year. This time round, I'm just gonna make dinner and enjoy it at home, watch some TV, hopefully stitch, and just hang out with Terrence. It may be a quiet and boring night, but hey, that's the way we want it this year. I don't need 2005 to start with a bang to enjoy myself. We may go for a drive somewhere tomorrow and have a picnic, but I'm still not sure. If not, it will be another relaxing day at home, and that's also alright with me!

Anyways, I hope whatever everyone is doing out there, whether it's a big party or just having a quiet night like me, to enjoy New Year's eve and have a good time. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, all the best for everything, and Her Drama-ness will see you in 2005! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Last week EVER!

Yippee yay! After this week, I am finally FREEEEEEE! Free to have a PROPER bumming period before I start full-time work at HP, and also have some time to go shopping for some work clothes. Working last night at the restaurant just made me look forward to my final night this week even more. It was busy, which is fine. Some customers were rude, which is also fine, I'm so immune to that already. But what I couldn't stand was the kitchen, usually it's already bad, but last night was somehow extra worse.

The restaurant closed for 3 days during the Christmas break, and last night was the first night it reopened for dinner, so there was a lot of catch-up to do. And the kitchen was a disaster, there were buckets of meat all over the floor, taking up much needed floor space in an already tiny kitchen filled with EVERYTHING. It was impossible to walk anywhere, and there is a lot of walking that needed to be done, getting to the chefs to get the meals, getting to the sink to put dirty dishes, yada yada yada. The floor was also covered with muck, so it was slippery, which is dangerous in a kitchen filled with sharp corners and objects. I had my Doc Martens on, a one-year old pair, a good pair which served me through walking on ice-covered streetwalks in Manhattan back in January this year. I was already walking as carefully as I could, I didn't want to break my head open or something, but I still slipped, which is not a big deal in itself, but I was holding two hot plates of dishes, one of which is on a metal plate, put on a ceramic plate, so it's already slippery to hold. So when I slipped and lost my balance, the metal plate flipped back onto me, and did I mention it was HOT?! It landed on my hand, and OW, my first instinct was to drop it, but I still got burnt a little from the food, and I made a lovely mess too. URGH! So not the best way to end the night. After tonight and tomorrow night, I will never be in that horrible kitchen, ever again! WOOO HOOO, just hope I make it out in one piece!

Sorry if this sounds trivial, but I really can't wait to leave the restaurant and a boss who is not fully appreciative of one of her best employees (I'm not boasting, she has told me that a few times before, but other than that, I'm just taken for granted), and some horrible customers. Most are alright, and easy to smile at and talk to, but some....they are just incredible. Like last night, one customer called me to her table, so that I could move the rice bucket on the table from her right to her left. HUH?! Yes, we are here to serve you, and to ensure that you have the most enjoyable dinner possible, but it doesn't mean that we are your SLAVES. I thought that was just stupid, and I definitely did not think much of the person.

Weather-wise, it has actually remained cold. I do like the change from the sweltering heat, and I definitely prefer cold weather, it's just strange to be needing a jumper during summer, LOL. This won't stay for long though, I am sure the heat will come back soon enough, so I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts. Anyways, that's enough blogging for now, till next time!

Monday, December 27, 2004

FREAKY Melbourne

Having been in Melbourne for the last 5+ years, I am well aware of the area's unpredictable weather, but I don't think it's something I will ever get used to. It's summer, but it is HAILING right now! Crazy crazy Melbourne... I bet after the hail stops, the sun is going to come right out, and I will be complaining about the heat. NUTS! Oh well, that's Melbourne for you...

This is going to be a short blog, haven't really been doing much except sitting around at home, watching TV and stitching. I'm currently working on my 2nd exchange project, and my goal is to finish it before 2005 arrives. Hmmm....will I make it? Who knows? *keeping fingers crossed*

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Diane Arthurs - Four Seasons

Here it is, one of my exchange projects, actually completed! Sorry about the photo, I hate it when they are too big for the scanner, and as you can tell, the digital camera doesn't really do a good job. This one is for the Secret Stitching Exchange 2004, Seasons theme. It's looking a little bare at the moment, there are supposed to be a few embellishments, one for each heart, but I couldn't get them locally, so I will have to leave that to the person who is receiving this (sorry about that!). This was surprisingly TEDIOUS, the border went pretty quick, but I didn't expect the hearts to take so much time, they hardly looked that time-consuming! Oh wells, all is done now, and I'm pretty pleased with it, and I hope that my "secret" person will really like it. I want to stitch this for myself eventually, but uh, not anytime soon, LOL.

This was stitched on linen with DMC floss, stitch count for this design is 80 x 225, so it was a HUGE one for me, I think possibly the biggest design that I have stitched so far. I stitched it entirely by hand, I bought my Q-snaps either a year or 2 ago, but I have only used them once, I don't really like them much, they make my wrists ache, hee hee. Anyways, if you are here looking at this, thanks very much! If you are from my yahoo group, please don't post about this on the group since it's supposed to be a secret project (I don't think the person I'm stitching for reads my blog, and even if she does, she won't know this is for her. HAH!), so if you have any comments, kindly leave them here! Thanks, and once again, 圣 sheng 诞 dan 快 kuai 乐 le (that's Merry Christmas in Chinese)!
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Merry Christmas! :)

Ok, so I've been MIA for a while, but it's not a big deal anyway, I don't think anyone really reads this, maybe just a couple of people. I doubt I have been missed much. Anyways, nothing much has really happened around here since I last blogged, so an update wasn't really necessary either, hee hee. Well, I did finally get one of my exchange projects finished, I totally missed my deadline, but at least I got it done! I put in the last stitches at about 3 am this morning, talk about an exciting Christmas! LOL. See, boring people like me just sit around, stitch, and watch telly *grin* But anyways, one of the projects is finally done, so that is at least one ticked off the list. I still have another 2 to go (also late!), hopefully I can get them done early January. I will share a picture later on, so if you are reading this, do check back in later. For now, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, and a happy new year (when it comes). Have a good one! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm here!

I said I would blog later on, turned out to be the next day, hee hee. What can I say? My mood says 'lazy' yah? I'm staying true to my form, LOL. Tomorrow is the last day of my break, it's back to work again on Monday, so I've gotta enjoy the last of it as much as I can. Until my next break anyways, hahaha...

Something annoying happened to me while driving to Berwick to tutor my boss' kids; if annoying is the right word for it. I was waiting to turn right onto the freeway, and there was a taxi in front of me. I was having a Chupa Chup (lollipop), and the cab driver turned around and just stared at me. He started making faces and other lewd gestures at me. I was so disgusted and uncomfortable that I just turned to look out my window, hoping that he would stop. Once on the freeway, I drove all the way to the right lane, trying to speed past this guy, and he actually followed me the whole time, until he had to exit the freeway. It's not a big deal, and not even highly disturbing, but it's irritating that I can't even have a lolly in my own car and drive in peace! Urgh. It didn't even occur to me to remember his licence plate number, not that it would do anything, but I could have at least rung up the cab company and complain about this particular driver. This was the first time that such a thing ever happened to me, and hopefully it will be the last!

Dinner with the "in-laws" on Tuesday night went well, no one actually complimented me on the food *sob sob*, but they were eating it, and did polish up some of the dishes, so I guess it can't be half bad? LOL. Terrence did ask his mom the next day about dinner (when I wasn't there), and his mom told him that I could cook, and dinner was good, so I'm happy with that! :) His parents will be going back to Egypt (his dad is posted there as an expat) tomorrow, it will probably be a while before both of us will see our families again.

On the stitching front, I have a bit more to go on one of my exchange projects, and then I will need to focus on the other 2. I feel bad, I have already missed the deadline, and it seems that I will be late for a while. I'm gonna try my best to get them finished ASAP, so to my partners, I'm sorry, and just hang on in there, they will get there eventually! *sheepish smile* I'm hoping to get at least one done this weekend. I'm going to get back to my stitching now and try to reach my goal, wish Her Drama-ness luck and speedy stitching fingers! LOL.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Received from my secret stitcher

This is what Wendy Wallace from my yahoo group stitched for me as part of 2004's Secret Stitching Exchange, Seasons theme. I think it's real cute, thanks very much, Wendy! :) I just wanted to share this picture for now, I will do a proper blog later on. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 13, 2004

Neglected blog

Ok, so I've been giving my blog the cold shoulder, it's been a while since I blogged. It's just that when something kinda exciting happens (which isn't all that exciting in the first place), I think that, yeah, that would be cool to go on the blog, and when I actually get home, the urge to blog has disappeared. And the lazy bug kicks in, I just want to lounge around and stitch and watch telly, LOL. Oh wells, I'm getting to it now yah?

So, what has been happening around here? Picked up Terrence's parents on Wednesday night, spent some time with them on Thursday and Friday, but apart from that, haven't actually seen them much. His parents are quite content to just stay in the apartment, if they do go out, it's just walking around the city, so Terrence has just been staying at work, leaving his brother to be the guide, so it was really no point for me to go up to the city. I will be making dinner for them tomorrow night though, hopefully nothing screws up. Oh, the pressure, LOL.

I was really happy on Friday though, and nope, it's nothing mind-blowing, I bought my Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version boxset, and that made me smile the whole day, LOL. I have been waiting soooooo patiently for this, I did not get sucked into the individual movies cos I knew they would come out as a boxset, and earlier this year, there was a LOTR trilogy boxset out as well, but it was the FAKE one (well, to me it's fake), it was just the theatrical versions, not the extended versions, so I held off and patiently waited. Last Friday, the extended version boxset was released, and I bought it!! WOOO HOOO, been waiting for AGES to get this, and it's finally in my hands. I haven't gotten round to watching the extended version of Return of the King, I'm waiting for a time when Terrence and I can watch it together, I'm really looking forward to it, I wanna see Gandalf kick the Witch King's ASS! LOL. I also bought the 10-disc Matrix boxset for Terrence, I wasn't too crazy over it, I only thought the first one was good, but hey, it looks good on my DVD shelves, I'm not complaining, hee hee....hopefully the additional discs will actually help to enlighten me on the whole Matrix story. The ending to Matrix Revolutions felt very unsatisfying when we watched it in the cinema.

I have managed to get a bit of stitching done, but cos it's a large project, it isn't even near completion. I can at least see the progress, so I guess that's good. Just have to keep plugging away, and hopefully I can get it done soon! I have been enjoying my bumming/lazing time at home, I took a week plus off from the restaurant cos I thought I would need to accompany Terrence and his family around, but because they haven't been as active as my family, I get to spend time alone at home instead, and it feels absolutely fantastic. I don't feel rushed, or that sense of urgency, which is what I get when I have to work. Although I don't have to leave my house until 4 pm on nights that I have to work, by 2 pm, I already feel unsettled, and like I've gotta be ready and prepared to be out of the door. So yeah, this relaxed feeling has been such a welcome change, and just staying home, doing things at my own pace, it's great!

Anyways, that's all for today. Nothing much will be happening today, another day of staying at home, stitching, and some TV entertainment. Oh, and of course, to prepare for tomorrow's dinner. It's not like it's some big formal dinner, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to impress either, LOL. If everything tastes good, I will be happy with that! So, Her Drama-ness is off to laze around, have a good day fellow bloggers! :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My asthma is back :(

I just got back from my doctor's appointment, and yep, there's no escaping it, I've gotta use the inhalers. The last I used inhalers, I was probably about 12 or younger, now I'm twice the age, and I'm back on them! SUCKS! These are weird inhalers too, not the spray ones which I used before, it's called Turbuhaler, and I'm actually breathing in powder which goes straight to my lungs. Sounds icky. Well, as long as I get well, I can deal with that, I need to get well before I start my job at HP, I want to be feeling 100%, this is way more important than school! Last night, I had such a violent coughing fit, my chest hurt so bad, and my back ached too, so please weird inhalers, work your magic!

What else have I been up to the last couple of days? Didn't do much on Monday at all, except bringing some friends to this retail centre made up of factory outlets. I was really bored though, I'm a lone shopper, and it just doesn't work for me when I have to shop with other people around. It's that way with Terrence too. And cos I didn't find any good stuff, I was done so quick, so I bought some newspapers, plonked myself down at the cafe and just waited. Wished I had thought of bringing my stitching. It would have been a better time if I had bought something, I found a pair of Nine West shoes, nice-looking pair, and it was flats too, which would have been really good for me when I start my job, but of course, it had to be out of my size. Don't think I will be going back there myself anytime soon, cos for factory outlets, I don't think the prices were that low, and I felt that choices were limited. I'd rather wait for a good sale somewhere, and then start shopping for work clothes.

Yesterday morning, we headed out to Ikea to get a bookcase, ended up getting a rug and some magazine holders as well. Something interesting happened when we got back though. We were just about to turn into our driveway, and saw this woman groping the fence, trying to find her way. Terrence was like "Uh, what's going on?". So I got out of the car, and spoke to the lady, realised she was blind (she didn't have a white cane), and found out that she had lost her way. I led her out of my driveway, and tried to help her to where she was going. It was a bit hard, cos she said she wanted to cross the road, and I didn't know which road she was talking about. After a while, she finally managed to tell me the address she wanted to get to, she wanted to get to Number 7 on my street (I was on Number 3), so I brought her there. And I was getting confused as well, cos when we got to Number 7, she said she was on a corner block, and Number 7 isn't a corner block, so I didn't know if she had the right address, or I was taking her somewhere wrong. And then this dog started barking really far away, right back on the main road, and then she said it sounded like her dog, and I was like, uh, that is the main road, it's not the street you're looking for. So anyways, I thought we should try Number 7 first, since I felt the address she gave me should be correct, she just might not be really familiar with her surroundings. At Number 7, there were a few units, and she couldn't remember which unit she was at. It took a lot of questions, but something must have triggered her memory, and she said she was at Unit 2. So as we walk down to look for Unit 2, I see a dog at the window, and it fits the description she was telling me, and it started barking, and she said, yep, that's my dog. Helped her up the steps, and into her home, and all was fine. Just as I was walking back out, a woman came out of the car and I think it's the blind lady's sister, and she started talking to me, so I told her what had happened, and she seemed relieved. Apparently there was another incident where she had been wandering in the middle of the road, thankfully nothing happened then. So anyways, she thanked me, she went on her way, and I went home. Wow, that was a long story huh? And I probably didn't tell it too well, I'm not the most eloquent of story-tellers, LOL. But yeah, that was my good deed of the day, and definitely made me appreciate what I've got! I think it must be hard on both the lady and her sister, I'm definitely grateful for my independent lifestyle.

The rest of Tuesday was spent cleaning up the house, cos Terrence's parents will be arriving tonight (they're coming to Melbourne for his brother's graduation). Didn't quite finish everything, so the rest of today will be spent finishing up the chores. Hope all goes well with his parents, gonna be scary facing the future "in-laws", so that's how he felt when my family was here! LOL. But nah, should be fine, I've met them before, just that this will probably be the longest interaction ever. The good thing is that I took off work for the week plus that they are here, so if there isn't any activity, I will get proper bumming days! WEEEEEEE...would love to have those. Oh, Terrence's brother came yesterday, we played Monopoly again last night, and uh, I also lost miserably yet again, but yeah, just a minor detail, pay no attention to it, LOL.

ALRIGHTY! Gonna shut up for now and go fiddle around with my weird inhaler. Sorry for rambling on for so long, but hey, you don't really have to read everything. Good on you though if you got through all of it, hee hee. If you've been here, drop a line for Her Drama-ness! :)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hot and lazy

Yet another warm day. Summer is officially here, there's no avoiding it, but I really wish this hot weather would go away. Hopefully there will be a few cold days in between somewhere. Didn't really do much yesterday, I met up with a few friends for dinner in the city. Before that, I hung out with Terrence and his brother at Greg's (the brother) apartment, I had brought the Simpsons Monopoly with me, so the three of us played. As usual, I got my ass kicked (so not fair!), and the Chin brothers (as they so called themselves during the game) had their own set of crazy rules, so it was not fair to me, LOL. That's just me whining, cos I lost :p We didn't get to finish the game cos I had to run off for dinner, but it was worked out that Greg was the winner, followed by Terrence, and of course, me, dead last. This really sucks!

Dinner was alright, we had Japanese. Met up with 4 friends, and one, uhhh, not really. Enjoyed the company ('cept for one) and the conversation. Went to Starbucks afterwards for cake and coffee (iced chocolate for me!) and we just kept on chatting. It's really the last chance for us to hang out as a group, cos most of my friends will be returning to their home countries, so no more get-togethers, no more dinners, no more coffees. Which is really sad :( Thank goodness for technology, but still, it's gonna be hard and not quite the same. Hopefully all of us will stay in touch.

Lazy Sunday for me. Sooooo don't feel like going to work tonight, but I have to, cos I get paid for the week, therefore it's the most important night of the week, LOL. Hopefully it won't be another crazy Sunday like last week, I will not be very happy otherwise! If it does happen again, I expect to get paid for the extra hour, cos that DID NOT happen last week, which also majorly sucks. Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox now, hopefully I get in a few good bumming hours before I have to go to work. But first, I gotta get the dishes done, DAMN!

Friday, December 03, 2004

All hail the new Vampire Queen!

I started reading MaryJanice Davidson's "Undead and Unwed" this morning, and finished it this afternoon. It was a fun read, and I absolutely enjoyed it. I don't love it as much as I do my Terry Pratchett books, but still, it's a great new find, and one that I'm glad to have on my bookshelf. At times, it was a little too ludicrous, not that the notion of being a vampire is far-fetched, I mean, come on, I read Terry Pratchett, it's got the whole range of fantasy stuffed in them, but the fact that you become a vampire, and friends and loved ones just embrace you like it's any normal thing that could happen, that was kinda weird for me for a while and I didn't really buy it. But I still think it's a pretty good story.

The main character, Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor, she cracks me up. Her obsession with designer shoes reminds me of Carrie from 'Sex and the City', I wonder if the author found a bit of inspiration from the TV show. I do like pretty shoes myself (although I don't think I have it as bad as Debbi :p), but I certainly will not pay $450 for a pair of Manolo Blahniks (according to Carrie), and that's in US dollars too, YIKES! I think it's good that my love of shoes isn't that deep, cross-stitch alone can cripple me, LOL. Anyways, I think Betsy is a fab character, I'm really looking forward to the next one, "Undead and Unemployed", I think it's gonna be another great one! For now, I've gotta bring Banzai for a walk, and when I get back, I wanna do some stitching. Her Drama-ness will be back later....maybe...*grin*

What THE?!

Ok, I don't know what happened. I updated my template, and my post from yesterday about the doctors just disappeared. Gone. Just like that. I don't even know what I did! Blogger ate my blog! Oh well...I'm over it, just needed to rant about it. I started taking my antibodies medication today, hope it works, I've been sick long enough, it's time to get better. Nothing much for me today, I hope to fill it with lots of rest and stitching. MAYBE a bit of housework, but nothing major, hee hee. Anyways, that's it for this post, I just needed to tell everyone that my post went missing, LOL. Will be back later! :)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

All MINE! Muahahaha...

All of my goodies from today! I have a crappy camera, so it doesn't capture the colour very well, but trust me, that bag is BRIGHT! Still, I love everything, retail therapy is FANTASTIC! *grin* Posted by Hello


Well, I said I would share pictures of my Mornington Peninsula trip with my friends, but I realised I only took a miserable 2 photos on my camera, one was of this cherry tree, and the other was of my friends (without me in the picture). So, uh, until I get the other photos from my friends, all of you get to admire this cherry tree, LOL. Posted by Hello

I love Wednesdays :)

I had a GREAT day today, and my day isn't over yet. I don't think anything else is gonna happen tonight, probably just gonna grab some takeaway for dinner, but yeah, it's been great, just relaxing, and having a good time. My body definitely feels a lot more rested, so maybe I won't be too cranky when I go back to work tomorrow night, LOL.

Anyways, this is what I did today. Since it's my day off, Terrence got a day off from his work too. Terrence booked in an appointment to change his muffler (he's REALLY obssessed with his car right now) at Midas in the morning, but that got delayed until noon. So, after we dropped his Magna off at the car service place, we headed out in my little red Mira to Chadstone shopping centre. First up, we went to Borders, and I found the MaryJanice Davidson book, 'Undead and Unemployed', that I have been looking for (thanks for the heads-up, Debbi!). Not only that, I also found the prequel to the book, 'Undead and Unwed', so I got both, or rather, Terrence got both of them for me :) I think these will be really enjoyable reads for me, will post more when I do get to them.

Then, we went to Toys 'R Us, and I think I have found a new hobby. Well, I had always been tempted, but today, it became official. What am I talking about? Monopoly! I posted before that Terrence bought me Simpsons Monopoly, today I added 2 to my collection, the Disney edition, and the Nostalgia Game Series edition. I'm not allowed to open these 2 though....oooooh, it's such a struggle to keep from ripping the plastic off! LOL. I am going to keep my eyes open for other editions of Monopoly, I'm not going to go nuts and just buy everything I see, but if the price is alright, I will get it to add to my collection.

And last but not least, I also got a new Paul Frank (American designer) bag! It's a bright pink bag, which I'm not too sure about, but it's a Paul Frank bag, and it had those cool cats on it, so I just had to add it to my collection of Paul Frank accessories. I also got a pair of PF thongs, it's perfect for summer, since today is officially the 1st day of summer, although the weather didn't really feel like it. Oh, I should add, my little shopping spree today was completely sponsored by Terrence, in case he complains that I forgot about his vital role today, LOL.

After shopping, we went back to Midas and picked up his car with his new muffler. I think Terrence is pretty pleased with it, when he got home, he couldn't stop revving his car just to hear the sound it makes. He keeps going through different obsessions, at one stage it was mobile phones, moved on to computer stuff, then on to keeping fish, and now, it's all about the car. I said that he should be consistent like me, just be obsessed with one thing, in my case, cross-stitch! He retorted that it would be real funny if I lost interest, and I would have gazillion of cross-stitch stuff still with me. Well, I told him, that's NOT gonna happen, EVER! :p

That was my nice and relaxing day, sorry if I bored anyone, but hey, I don't ever do anything exciting, I probably find my grocery shopping a real thriller, LOL. I definitely feel a lot better today, hopefully after a visit to the doctor tomorrow, I will feel physically better. I'm gonna post some pictures in a bit, Her Drama-ness will be right back! :)

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