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Hot and lazy

Yet another warm day. Summer is officially here, there's no avoiding it, but I really wish this hot weather would go away. Hopefully there will be a few cold days in between somewhere. Didn't really do much yesterday, I met up with a few friends for dinner in the city. Before that, I hung out with Terrence and his brother at Greg's (the brother) apartment, I had brought the Simpsons Monopoly with me, so the three of us played. As usual, I got my ass kicked (so not fair!), and the Chin brothers (as they so called themselves during the game) had their own set of crazy rules, so it was not fair to me, LOL. That's just me whining, cos I lost :p We didn't get to finish the game cos I had to run off for dinner, but it was worked out that Greg was the winner, followed by Terrence, and of course, me, dead last. This really sucks!

Dinner was alright, we had Japanese. Met up with 4 friends, and one, uhhh, not really. Enjoyed the company ('cept for one) and the conversation. Went to Starbucks afterwards for cake and coffee (iced chocolate for me!) and we just kept on chatting. It's really the last chance for us to hang out as a group, cos most of my friends will be returning to their home countries, so no more get-togethers, no more dinners, no more coffees. Which is really sad :( Thank goodness for technology, but still, it's gonna be hard and not quite the same. Hopefully all of us will stay in touch.

Lazy Sunday for me. Sooooo don't feel like going to work tonight, but I have to, cos I get paid for the week, therefore it's the most important night of the week, LOL. Hopefully it won't be another crazy Sunday like last week, I will not be very happy otherwise! If it does happen again, I expect to get paid for the extra hour, cos that DID NOT happen last week, which also majorly sucks. Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox now, hopefully I get in a few good bumming hours before I have to go to work. But first, I gotta get the dishes done, DAMN!

Hi Eileen!
I hope last night went quick for you and wasn't as busy! Does it get busier before the holidays? Have a great work!

Hi Petra! :)

Definitely not as traumatic as the Sunday before, but it wasn't that nice and easy either. But I did get to leave at 10.05 pm, which was a huge improvement, so I'm not complaining *grin* It does get a little busier before the holidays, but that Sunday was really a freak day, don't think it will happen again, or at least, I hope not when I'm working! LOL. Thanks for posting, I like reading comments on my blog, take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

eileen :)

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