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Hurray! I stitched! :)

Wow, after more than 2 months, I finally have a finished piece in the stitching department. This piece is a Binky square, we stitch up little designs which will then be sewn up into blankets for children who suffer from illness or abuse. It sure feels good to have this square completed, right through to the ironing and scanning of it, hee hee. I hope that I will continue with stitching more regularly since I really have to catch up with *ahem* on a few exchanges, I'm not going to make it for the deadline otherwise! I don't have much on tomorrow, or technically today, just have to give tuition in the afternoon, and then I can head home and stitch away. I was good today/yesterday, I cleared a lot of ironing and folding of laundry during the day, so which means I don't have to worry about household chores tomorrow, uh, I mean, today.

While taking care of menial household chores, I overdosed on television, I watched another comedy, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, again another movie that I had no expectations of, and turned out to be pretty brilliant! There were some stuff in it that I could definitely relate to, dealing with the racial stereotypes and all that, I thought it wasn't being condescending and still did a funny take on it. Anyone who's up for a good laugh, I highly recommend this movie to you. I also managed to progress through to episode 15 of Season 2 of Alias, and no, I wasn't just glued to the telly all day, I had started watching this yesterday. Hopefully I will get through the rest of Season 2 tomorrow/today, and then maybe get started on Season 3. It is getting exciting!

I was also surfing for blog skins that I like and would use for my own blog. I think I may have found one, I need to enlist Terrence's help, he's konked out in bed right now (went to sleep like 2 hours ago), so hopefully I can have it up within the next couple of days. Anyways, it's late and way past my bedtime, I have to be up early, so Her Drama-ness is heading to bed. Oyasumi!

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