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Yada yada yada...

This will be a big one, as I'm gonna do a HUGE update on what has happened over the last few days, serves me right for not blogging everyday huh? Well, if people do get bored, they can click on to the next blog, or just shut me right down, so it doesn't really matter, I suppose. Alrighty then, here goes!

Update 1:

My official job offer from HP arrived nice and early Friday morning (8 am). I had tacked on a really silly note on my door the night before - "Doorbell doesn't work. Please knock on door or windows. Thank you." I was that paranoid about the courier guy just leaving, cos I know some won't just leave the parcel at the door. Hmm, I really should get that doorbell fixed. Anyway, the job offer arrived safe and sound, and it came in a really cool folder! Everything was really organised, it was so official, it felt really good to receive that! I will post pictures of the folder, it really is a cool folder, hee hee.

There were HEAPS of stuff to look through, and being the newbie that I am, I felt really overwhelmed! I have already gone through most of it, just a few more things that I need to work out, nothing major, just stuff that I need to understand. Overall, I am really pleased with the job offer, it's a good package, and remuneration was more than I expected, so it was a really pleasant bonus!

During the whole job search process, my fear was that I would never get a job, now that I've actually got one, my new fear is that I will totally screw up and suck so bad! I know with my education, I'm supposed to be prepared for my entry into the working world, but I do know there is a world of difference, and now I'm just worrying that I won't be up to it. It's like the feeling you get on the first day of school, just possibly a million times worse, LOL. I know it won't be that bad, I will get training, I will learn things on the job, but these are just things I think about, and stress about a little. Which I guess isn't that bad, since it's an indication I'm ready for the next chapter of my life hey? *grin*

During my final interview, my future boss/supervisor, had indicated if I were successful, he would have liked me to start ASAP, so that I learn the ropes and basically catch up with everyone else, and start doing my job. He had hoped that I could start in December, but however, the HR department wants all graduates to start at the same time, so I won't actually join the company until January. That's really fine by me, as I can have an extended holiday, and enjoy the last bits of me being a student/bummer before being a regular working person! LOL.

Now, not that I am a TOTAL bummer, lots of people have asked me, uh, how do you pay the bills till January? I was a full-time student, but I have been working part-time while studying the whole 5 years, I was overloading subjects (I accelerated my undergraduate degrees), I was working 4-5 nights a week at the restaurant, and when I did my Masters, I was doing both my waitressing job, and working a couple of 9-5 days a week at my university as a research assistant. I'm not trying to boast about how capable I was, but I get really annoyed when some people assume that students have it easy (especially me being an international student then), I know I don't have major worries like kids and big finances like a mortgage etc. But I still had (and still have) bills to pay, I had to juggle both studies and work, I had a home and a dog to look after, and just other little things that happen in life. Again, I understand these may not be huge issues, but don't knock us down cos we're young and JUST students. We are never JUST students, it can be real tough! Not everyone is a spoilt brat ;p So yeah, back to the main question, I have been working the whole time while hunting for a full-time job, so that's gonna continue until I start at HP. The bills ain't gonna stop coming!

Update 2:

Apart from the job offer excitement in the morning, nothing else much happened for me on Friday. I watched 'Mystic River' while doing some ironing. I thought it was a pretty good movie, I did guess the ending halfway through, but it was still a great film, gotta love the actors, they're brilliant. I saw lots of familiar faces, there is that new kid on CSI: Miami, didn't know he was in the movie; the young Sean also looks familiar, I think he may have been on an episode of Law and Order; the mute brother of the murdered girl's boyfriend also looks real familiar, can't put a finger on where I saw him before though. Oh, and Terrence got the scratch on his car fixed on Friday, the guy did a great job, and it was also a great price, it was like half the amount that other places were quoting us, so Terrence is real happy about that.

Update 3:

Saturday was another fairly slow day. I tutored my restaurant boss' kids in the afternoon (I have been doing so for the last 3 years), they were pretty good yesterday, they actually finished all their homework! After that, I came home and just cleared some things around the house. I left the house at about 6.30 pm, cos I was meeting some friends for dinner at 7 pm. Terrence didn't want to join me, he didn't want to be surrounded by all girls and feel completely bored, LOL. I did make him some pasta before I left, so he would have something to eat when he got home from work. Dinner was good, it was fairly cheap, and we were all VERY stuffed, it was good value for money! And it didn't taste bad either. After dinner, we had coffee (well, I had hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee or tea) at a cafe with CRAPPY service. Oh well, they didn't get no tip from us! At least the conversation was good, apart from the cold miserable weather. Crazy Melbourne, it's supposed to be spring!

Terrence also decided to test out his car wash and polishing stuff he got on Friday from Kmart on my little red car. He wanted to wash the hood of my car last night, at 11+ pm, LOL. So there we were, on the driveway, me holding a light for him, and he happily doing all the stuff on my car. Well, those products do work, and if it can actually make my hood look fairly shiny, then it will do wonders on his car. Just need to find a good day to actually do the work, as his car is huge compared to mine, so it's gonna take a long time!

Update 4:

Not really an update, just time for me to end, as I have gone on and on and on and on.... Well, I did say it was gonna be a big one! Nothing much happening today, except having to work at the restaurant tonight, and set the VCR to record Australian Idol. I think I really need to shut up now, if you have read all the way, I COMMEND YOU! Give yourself a pat on the back and get a kiss from the nearest human being or animal near you. Her Drama-ness bids you farewell...*royal wave*

Hi Eileen!!! Ummm about being a big screw up at your new job fear - I have it too so it must be normal LOL. I'm sure you'll do fine though :) Good Luck!!!

Leeny - I thought it was a great blog! Very interesting and informative and you make some great points. I think everyone faces fear with every change in their life regardless of whether they are ready for it or not ... it's just going from one comfort zone into change. Some can adjust and some can't. Don't beat yourself up. You've worked hard and you earned it. You'll do fine. And as someone that has always had to study part time while working full time, I commend you because school is hard, hard work too. Anyone with half a brain knows that students are far from lazy. And in closing, I love those egg faces!! hugs, debbi


I love the blog and yes I did read the whole thing!! I have decided to do a blog of my own. I also think that your fear is very normal!! I experienced the same fear when I started every one of my jobs. I also wanted to now about the show that you watched Mystic River. Is there anything in there that deals with rape? I was sexually molested as a child and cannot deal with seeing anything like that on any show. My DH has been wanting to see the show but I am real reluctant too because of the fear that it will have that in it. If you could let me know I would really appreciate it. Thanks,

Shonda - Knightstown, IN

Hi Shonda,

Thanks for reading my blog :) And yes, Mystic River does deal a little with those issues, nothing is shown explicitly, but it is implied, so you probably would want to stay away from the movie. I'm sorry to hear about your past, but it sounds like you have a wonderful DH now who supports you, so do take care! Big hugs to you!

eileen :)

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