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Finally here...

I just got back from the post office, and it is almost a happy mail day for me. One of my packages arrived, it is my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs, I have been waiting for it for AGES, and it is supposedly my anniversary present (my anniversary was in September, LOL), but hey, better late than never! As long as it gets here, I won't be complaining...too much. *grin* Well, the big one in this is the chart for 'My Stitching Treasures' (by Jeannette Douglas Designs) along with the charms and threads for it. It looks REALLY elaborate, and I feel almost scared to get started. I won't be starting anytime soon anyway, I still need to get the fabric for this piece, and then get over the fact that I will be stitching over one on 32-count! *yikes* For those who know nothing about stitching, in a nutshell, this is scary stuff in the stitching world, LOL. Whenever I do get it finished, I really want to get the box, Terrence insists that he will be able to make the box, but ermm...we'll see... The box is pricey (almost US$200!!!), but I know it will be my stitching treasure, it's just simply too beautiful, and a bit of saving up will do the trick. Anyways, first of all, I've gotta get stitching on this first, then it can progress from there.

Hopefully the other package turns up soon, actually, I don't even know if it has been mailed out, but as usual, I just worry about it first. I have said before, I hate waiting for mail! I probably should learn to have more faith in Australia Post Office, mail has only gone missing once, and for that one, I don't know if it was lost or stolen. Anyhoo, Her Drama-ness is off to drool over her stitching stash, I just love adding to my collection! :)

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