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Blog in Progress

Right now, my blog is kinda in the construction phase. I have recruited my highly talented computer geek boyfriend in helping me make my blog look a bit more attractive, and a lot more personalised. Not everything is done up properly yet at the moment, so until we both sit down together, and I am completely done with everything, you'll probably see a lot of 'something' all over the blog.

Today's a slow and lazy day for me. I wanna go to the post office and see if any packages have come in for me (I'm expecting 2 and I have been waiting for a loooooong time), but I don't want to just pop in for no reason, like as though I'm so desperate for these parcels. Actually, I am desperate (and a bit panicky), both have stitchy stuff in it, and I WANT MY STASH! One of it was supposed to be an anniversary present for me, and my anniversary was way back in September, what is going on here? I hate waiting for mail, I am so paranoid about lost mail, and it would really really suck if it did happen with these 2 particular parcels I'm waiting for. I probably should go soon, since I need to leave at 4 pm for work at the restaurnat.

My current mood is curious, because I got a call from a HR person at Hewlett-Packard today. The job offer is being couriered out to me today from Sydney, and I was told to expect it to arrive tomorrow morning. I'm curious, cos I'm wondering what an official job offer will be like, and not that I am being absolutely $$$-faced, but also about other important stuff like what my pay will be, when do I start etc... I know, it sounds really pathetic that I don't actually know what the salary is since I should have asked during the interviews, but I really didn't have time to ask those kind of questions, I was the one being grilled all the time, and whatever little opportunity that I got to throw back some questions, I thought it would probably look better for me to find out more about the job role. I am quite a newbie at job interviews (HP was pretty much my first one!), if I were more experienced, I would probably know how to work in the question somewhere, but I didn't, so I still dont have a clue until the official job offer comes in. I don't think it will be bad, and I'm not greedy, if it's market rate, I'll be more than happy, it's just nice to know, I guess.

Ok, I think I'll go to the post office now, I hope today will become a happy mail day for me. It's supposed to be spring, but it feels like bloody winter today, I am so cold! If I get my stitching stash, Her Drama-ness will be very happy, and this weather will not bother me one bit. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy Blogging!

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