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Melbourne Cup Day

Ok, before I get on to regular blogging, let me first commend my wonderful bf, Terrence, cos he complained about me "conveniently" forgetting his role during my final interview at HP. *grin* I didn't forget about him, I really appreciate what he did for me, just that the final result kinda just took precedence over everything, hee hee. Anyways, this is what he did. My interview was at 9 am in the city, I knew traffic would already be disgusting, I didn't want to struggle with finding parking on top of that (I didn't want to walk into the building all flustered and frustrated), so my darling bf not only offered to drive me there but also to wait for me until my interview was done. Now, I had been told that the interview would probably take about half an hour to 1 hour, but instead it took almost 2 hours, and poor Terrence was waiting that long for me. So yes, he was very very sweet, and I love him for it, and even though he was probably going nuts while waiting for me, he was still very patient, and that's why he got big hugs and kisses :)

Now on with the program! Today is Melbourne Cup Day, which means everything comes to a standstill here and all attention is on horses. These are some things about Australia that I just never get, I don't understand the fascination with Spring Racing and all the fancy schmancy attires that go with it; I don't dig footy either (Australian football), I think it's a crazy game; and I don't get Vegemite (YUCK!), how does anyone eat that stuff?! I know it's probably cos I haven't grown up with the culture here, but it never fails to fascinate me how people can be so obssessed with these things. Well, being Melbourne Cup Day, nothing is open, which is fine by me, cos I have a lot of chores to catch up with. I didn't get to do much housework while my family was here as I pretty much crash in bed once I get home.

The other thing that I probably will be doing is just driving around and checking out locations for body repairers cos Terrence is going absolutely bonkers over this little scratch on his new car. Well, he got it about a month ago, and it's not exactly new either, it's a 6-year-old Mitsubishi Magna which he got for 2nd-hand, but it was a really good deal, and I do think it's a good car. Definitely much better than my little 12-year-old red 0.7 litre (WHAT THE?!) Daihatsu Mira, but hey, I still love my little car, it gets me from point A to point B, and it is just sooooooo great for parking, especially when squeezing into tight spaces. But back to Terrence's car, he got the scratch on Sunday, and he has been just fussing over it and I think he won't stop until he gets it fixed. And they say that women are whiners, you should see Terrence and his car! :p

Ok, I think I've blogged quite a bit today, I probably will be back soon, I wanna put up some pictures on my blog, it looks so bare and boring! I also want to try to do it up like Debbi's (Debbi, if you are reading this, please help me!!), I love that mood icon thingy she has on her page, and all of that interesting stuff. I'm the newbie, gotta learn from the experts! Alrighty, Her Drama-ness will sign off for now, ta-ta!

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