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My poor boss...

Tonight I worked at the restaurant, and towards the end of the night, it wasn't that busy, so I was chatting to my boss and the other lady that I work with on Thursday nights. Well, actually, I wasn't really part of the conversation, I was washing up my cup, and I heard my name brought up, so I asked what was going on. My boss was saying that it's good that I'm independent and educated, and able to support myself and be in the position to make good choices with regards to men. She was kinda comparing herself to me, and she said that she couldn't do that when she was younger, and now, it's too late for her cos she's already established a family with kids. Her husband is the traditional Asian male (on the extreme side), where the man is always right, the woman is always wrong, the woman is supposed to shut up and not argue back, etc etc... Having worked there for the last 4+ years, I know he is that kind of person, the guy makes a mistake, and is it his fault? Nooooooo....he scolds you, yells at you, goes on and on, even though it was HIS mistake. Look, I know I'm not perfect, if I've done something wrong, I know it, and I will say sorry and get it fixed, but this guy, it's always someone else's fault, even though when it's OBVIOUSLY him that stuffed up. Too bad for him, I'm not the kind of person that just stands there and take all the shit in, if it was my mistake, I would own up and gladly face the music. I may not like it, but I will admit that I was wrong and take responsibility for it. But if it wasn't my fault, and I get yelled at for no reason, I'm gonna stand up for myself, and retort back, I'm not going by his "I am MAN, and I don't give a damn about you WOMEN" bullshit.

So anyways, I already knew that was his character, but what I didn't know that he isn't just like that at the restaurant, he brings this all the way home, and actually can go on about a particular incident that happened at work for days. He will scold my boss non-stop for days, even when it's not her fault, and can hold a grudge for years. In fact, he can even bring up an incident that happened 10 years ago, and start a fresh argument about it. What a guy!! Geeeeezzzz....I knew this guy was a complete jerk, but I thought he would at least have some respect for his wife. I really feel for my boss now, cos even if he's just grumbling over small matters, but doing it every night, continuously throughout the day, it all adds up, and into the years, it will grow into a big issue, and the frustration and stress will really eat at a person. He will also knock her down, saying that she doesn't know how to take care of things properly at the restaurant, yada yada. Actually, I think my boss is a highly capable woman, having come from a foreign country not knowing any English, but still able to set up a successful small business, start a family, and juggling both at the same time. If this guy were my husband, I would hit him where it really hurts *ahem* if you know what I'm talking about. I'm glad that my boss has a little break from her husband (he's gone to America for 2 weeks) and hopefully things will get better for her. I will also try to be a bit more understanding when she gets snappy at work, there is a lot on her plate to deal with.

On a separate note, I watched 'White Chicks' last night. I had no expectations for this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. There were parts that were still stupid, but nothing as gross like in 'Scary Movie', and the movie was actually really funny. It cracked me up so bad, I was cackling away like a mad woman in my bedroom, I think Terrence was more amused by watching me, LOL. At one point, I was in tears from laughing too much, it really was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was the kind of brainless entertainment that I needed. It's too tiring to be intellectual all the time, hee hee...*grin*

Well, that's it from me tonight. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, it's Friday, which means I don't have to work! Wooooo hooooo.... Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing day for me, filled with stitching, and just the occasional household chore, LOL. Her Drama-ness is going to bed now, so good night to all in blogger-land! :)

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