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Birthday celebrations

My cool Baskin & Robbins ice-cream cake, with some of the Oreos already pinched by me and my friends, LOL. Posted by Hello

So, I officially turned 24 yesterday! It was a fun day, but I was tired by the end of it. I had to work Sunday night, and when I got back from work, I started cooking some of the stuff I was going to make for my party/dinner, and that went till about 3 am in the morning. I didn't wake up till 10 am, but I still felt real tired, probably cos I'm not used to sleeping that late anymore. I got to clearing the house a little bit, had to make it presentable somewhat at least, LOL.

My friends arrived, we chatted, watched a movie, with me running off at times to do the rest of the cooking and preparing all the stuff. And then it was dinner time! Everything turned out well, so I was really pleased with it. I thought I had royally stuffed up my pork ribs (my first time trying out my grandma's recipe), but it turned out alright, and my friend said it was yummy! :) They liked my sweet and sour fish (also my first time making that) too, so that was good for my ego as well, LOL.

We had the Baskin & Robbins ice-cream cake after dinner, Rocky Road flavour, specially ordered for me by my friends (thanks Susan, Miho, Nat and Nina!) and it was really good ice-cream. Terrence wasn't a fan, cos he doesnt really like chocolate and nuts, but who cares, it's MY birthday! LOL. Susan gave me a Giorgio Armani lip gloss/shimmer thingy which she hopes will come in useful when I start working, and I think it probably will, since I don't own any make-up product at all. Now to just be bothered to put on make-up when I go to work, hee hee. Miho made me a pair of earrings which is really pretty, and also a good simple accessory when I start working at HP. Terrence gave me an anime figurine (Inuyasha) cos he wanted to give me something on my birthday itself, but I can also do some online shopping for stash with his credit card. *grin* My mom also said that I could buy something for myself, which of course went straight to stitching stash!

It was a great night with friends, we just spent time together and had lots of fun. We also made plans for the next gathering and most likely, we'll be heading to the Mornington Peninsula region to check out the cherry and strawberry farms. I've been there twice already, but I really love it and happy to go again, you get to pick your own fruit, and you get the yummiest jam and other produce there. But anyways, that was how my day went, it was a great 24th birthday celebration for Her Drama-ness. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I still had heaps of fun. I won't go on into what I did today, since it was just clean-up and me working at the restaurant. Till next time bloggers...

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