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It's Sunday already?!

So....I've fallen behind in blogging again, oops, hee hee. *grin* Well, I had to work Thursday and Friday nights (both were really busy nights), and during the day I was clearing my list of household chores to do, and I was just really worn out. I did think of what to say in my blog in my head though, LOL. Saturday came round, I tutored my boss' kids, and then I visited a friend who recently got a puppy. The puppy's name is Cindy, and she's uh....I know Bichon Frise and crossed with something and something else, it was real long and complicated!! Anyway, Cindy is real cute, but she's a tiny dog, I had to remember to be gentle when playing with her cos she's not my Banzai! LOL. I forgot to bring a camera, so sorry folks, no pictures! Maybe next time, when Cindy gets a bit older, I will visit with Banzai and make it a playdate of sorts! :)

Well, the next big event for me around here is my birthday. I turn 24 on Monday (15 November, that's tomorrow!), not quite a quarter of a century year old yet, but getting there. Or to quote Jessica Simpson, "When I'm 25, that's like...almost mid-twenties!" WOW! Btw, that was dripping with sarcasm if nobody got it, LOL. So yeah, it's another birthday for me. I wasn't planning anything big, I already got the night off from the restaurant, and I thought it would be the usual, just spend the day with Terrence, cap it off with a nice dinner at night, and maybe have some cake at home. Since coming to Australia, I've usually just celebrated my birthday with Terrence since my family is in Singapore, except for my 21st, where I was ALL ALONE! Well, Banzai was there, but I had no humans with me! That is a whole separate story, and should deserve a blog on its own, LOL.

Anyways, this year's plans are going to be different. I was thinking of the simple dinner with Terrence, but I also wanted to do something with my friends. Most of them are heading back to their respective home countries in December, and there won't be another opportunity like this. I was debating between a dinner out somewhere, or having them come over for a home-cooked meal. I was struggling with that for a while, cos I would love them to have dinner here at my place, but the thing is, this house is not really made for entertaining. Just coming over to hang out, watch TV, that is perfectly fine, but to have dinner is another story, cos uh, I don't even have a dining table, and I don't have enough chairs either! Wahahaha....sounds sad huh? :p

Final decision was......me cooking dinner and having friends over. As pathetic as this house is, I thought it will just be nicer this way, having dinner in a restaurant just doesn't seem as personal, and probably won't be as fun. I'm going to pull out the table from the 2nd bedroom to become my temporary dining table, and either borrow some chairs from Terrence's brother, or just head to Ikea and buy more chairs. Wouldn't hurt to have some extra chairs around anyway! It's not going to be a huge party anyway, I'm only having 5 friends come over, and I still don't know if everyone is coming. So they're heading here about 2 pm, we're gonna watch some movies, chit-chat, and then end with dinner and cake! The menu that I will be preparing:

- Chinese soup
- Baked chicken wings
- Pork ribs
- Jamie Oliver mussels
- Beef stew
- Sweet and sour fish

Do you think I've got enough food?! Hee hee.... My mom thinks it's silly that the birthday girl is going to make dinner, but I really don't mind, I will treat it as the chance to show off my culinary skills! LOL.

Anyway, time to stop blogging now, Her Drama-ness needs to head to Ikea in a bid to address the chairs situation at her royal abode...

She went nuts when I wanted a couch, but not today ...

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