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What are bathing boxes for?

The colourful bathing boxes on Brighton Beach - Melbourne, Australia. Posted by Hello

Her Drama-ness is here to blog! Now, what did I do yesterday? Nothing much happened, apart from me almost poisoning myself, LOL. I was washing dishes and there were a few flies buzzing around me, really pissing me off. So I sprayed some Mortein (fly spray) in the air, left the kitchen for a while, and went back and continued with the dishes. After a while, my tongue felt funny, and I had a weird sensation in my stomach, it could be just me over-imagining things and being paranoid, but I do think it was the fly spray that did it. It passed after a while, so it was nothing major, hee hee.

I also worked last night, it was quite busy but relatively uneventful, just the usual kind of customers, none of the "exciting" ones, LOL. There is this couple, who are regular customers, but have no restaurant etiquette whatsover. The restaurant I work at, it's by no means a high-class restaurant or anything like that, but you still gotta be relatively well-behaved. This couple gets REALLY DRUNK, and start arguing with each other at the top of their voices, with lots of people around them, and this happens every single time that they're there. The worst of their antics that I've seen is the guy pouring his glass of wine over the woman's head IN the restaurant, the lady threw a fit, the guy walked out, and everyone in the restaurant was left gawking. Yes, such high drama in a small suburban restaurant!

Today was a nice relaxing day for me. Terrence took a day off today, so we could spend time together. We didn't do anything adventurous, we stayed home and washed my car, LOL. Well, Terrence had only tested his car products on the hood of my little red car, so he wanted to do the rest of it today. This time, I joined in, and we did the wash, paint cleaner, and polish. There is a final step, a wax for the car, but by the time we finished polish, our arms hurt so much, we decided the car looked good enough, hee hee.

We did do a bit of exploring in the evening, I have always heard about the famous Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes, and wanted to have a look. We don't live that far away, probably about a 15-20 minute drive away? So we went for a cruisey car ride on the search for these bathing boxes. Well, we did find them, and they are quite cute! They look really nice on the beach all lined up in a row, as you can tell by the photo above. Btw, I didn't take the picture, it was one that I found on the web. I do wonder, what are they for though? I mean, they look nice, and it's become a cultural landmark of the area, and even for Melbourne, but what purpose do bathing boxes serve? They are really small, so it's not like you can sleep in it if you decide to camp on the beach. I read in an article that one of those bathing boxes sold for A$150,000, and as the author said, they are nothing more than "glorified sheds without tools", LOL. They are very cute, and would be an excellent backdrop for photos, but I do wonder if they have any practical use at all.

Well, I think I am done with blogging for the day. I still have not done any stitching whatsoever, I need to get out of this slump! I am off to stare at my stash and hopefully that will kick me into some stitching action...

Yoo hoo ... where are you? time for an update.

LOL. I've been lazy, and tired, hee hee. Alrighty, off to blog now!

eileen :)

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