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Presenting.....BANZAI! :)

This is my precious boy, Banzai! Doesn't he look comfortable?! LOL. That is supposed to be my stitching armchair but it usually ends up as his own personal nook, hee hee. Actually, everywhere is his sleeping area, the couch, my bed, he has claimed every bit of this house! The way he sleeps never fails to fascinate me, he's sooooooo cute, and I love him so. :) Posted by Hello

A question about dogs: do they dream? I'm not an animal scientist so I wouldn't know for sure, but I think they do. Sometimes when Banzai is sleeping, he whines really loudly in his sleep, if it isn't a dream, I really dont know what is going on! I wonder if he's dreaming some other dog has stolen his treats or something, LOL. But yeah, he does that sometimes, and I have to go over and sorta hush him/wake him, and he opens his eyes in that dreamy way, and settles back into his sleep again. Any dog owners have the same experience?

Nothing much happening for me today. I did get the final package of stitching stash that I have been waiting for, so that was good. I have been in a bit of a stitching lull though, I hope things will pick up again. I just need to clear all the other things that I have to do and have been piling up, and I know I will get back to stitching again.

Oh well, I hear my washing machine beeping away, telling me laundry's done. I had better get to it, as I have to work tonight at the restaurant again as well. I hope it's going to be quiet one, it's one of those lazy Mondays for Her Drama-ness, hee hee...

Both my dogs dream Leeny. Ana a little more violent than Kobe which is weird since he's the aggressive one. She growls, her heckles stand, and she even makes an ugly face at times. Kobe wags his tail and barks in a puppy tone which is so cute. I use to think Ana was having a seizure but the vet said she's just dreaming. She also sleeps on her back like Bonzai :)

Cool, so he does dream. I just assumed that, but I never asked my vet about it because it's usually just him whining or growling. I wonder what they dream about? Hee hee... :)

Leeny, my dogs seem to dream too. Sometimes when they are dozing they make little whimper noises. I love to sneak up on Jake when he's sleeping and look him in the eye. as soon as he realizes I'm there, the little tail starts wagging like crazy. I love me dogs!!!

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