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TV blog

Ok, I know it's going to seem so sad that this blog will be predominantly about TV events, but what can I say, I admit that I am a TV junkie, and it's the best activity that goes with stitching, LOL. It's still my bumming period, so I get to watch TV and stitch during the day, and then head off to work at night, it all works out *grin*

1. The Apprentice

WOOOOO HOOOOOO, Maria aka "The BLINKER" got fired, I'm sooooooo pleased about that. I know that a lot of things are taken out, and we are only shown snippets of what has happened in that one episode, but I think Maria was the right person to go. She doesn't seem to do much in most of the tasks, the one that really irked me was the doggie task, just strolling around in her mini skirt and high heels, like that's going to achieve anything with the dogs. Just because you've got an exemption doesn't mean you can slack off, honey!! And she blinks her eyes FURIOUSLY, especially when she gets agitated or nervous, I know it's probably an unconscious habit and hard to break, but it's still annoying. Anyway, she really did come across as a control freak in the last task, and poor Wes, he really copped it from her. It didn't really matter to me that he got fired, cos he's never really stood out from the bunch, I guess he can at least take comfort that he has gone further than a lot of other people in this competition.

As for Jennifer, oooohhhhh, she is turning out to be one conniving *beep* I guess in a way, it's been a good strategy for her, since 'The Apprentice' is supposed to be like 'Survivor', just in an urban environment, and that's how she's surviving in the concrete jungle. Doesn't mean that I have to like what she's doing though. She's been manipulating her way out of the boardroom, and oh man, when that Levi's guy said that she was the best member on the team, I felt the pain for the rest of them, especially when Jennifer so blatantly tried to steal credit from Ivana. Ok, Ivana isn't that great herself, she should have been fired way back in Week 2, but I think she has been redeeming herself a little with each passing week, and I do feel she did a great job on the last task. Jennifer coming in like that was just.....so sneaky, and she just gives that little smile, and try to look all so cute and blondie (no offence to blondes!), drives me nuts! Argh, I hope she doesn't win!

2. Australian Idol

The Aussie Idol was revealed on Sunday night, and it's 16-year-old Casey Donovan! I still haven't seen it, I had it recorded cos I was working that night, I will get to the tape eventually. I was really really surprised though, I did put in a few votes for her, but I really thought the title would go to Anthony Callea. I know my friend is REALLY UPSET that Anthony didn't win, and I've gotta say, the guy has flawless performances, he's a great singer with a fantastic voice, and an equally deserving winner. But as 2 of the judges said, he's a little too plastic and too polished at times, and I was a fan of his when he shook off his "Plastic Fantastic" label. Then as the competition went on, he kinda fell back into that again and became boring, and when Ricki-Lee got booted off, man, I just lost interest in the show. It doesn't seem to have the same fire as the first season, none of the contestants really had me cheering for them, whereas last year I had always been supporting Guy Sebastian throughout. I guess Anthony peaked too early with 'The Prayer', it was an incredible performance, but came too early in the competition, while Guy Sebastian blew everybody away with 'Climb Every Mountain' in the 2nd last week and remained fresh on the audience's minds. Casey has been improving steadily each week, and I suppose that's what the audience voted for. I voted for Casey cos I liked her version of the winner's song better, LOL. Oh well, I hope Anthony's fans don't cry for weeks (probably all the 13-year-old girls), and they recover soon, hee hee....

3. Alias

I finally finished Season 2, and I have started watching Season 3. I love the whole mystery surrounding Sydney's missing 2 years, and this secret about Arvin Sloane, it's driving me crazy cos I just NEED to know what's going on, but I guess that is what's keeping the show exciting, LOL. I just hope Season 3 doesn't end on a killer cliffhanger, cos I will go insane waiting for Season 4! My favourite character of the show is Marshall, he's the token awkward/geek guy, but I think he's funny, and I like him :)

4. X-Factor

This is a UK talent contest, similar to Idol, just that it's opened to anyone over 16, and groups as well. With the latest episode, Simon Cowell is the only one left with 2 acts, oh boy, that man must be smug as hell. I do love Simon Cowell though, he may be a little too harsh at times, but I think he's being very honest with his comments, if you suck, you will get that told to you, if you're fabulous, he will say that as well. I think I have probably agreed with his feedback most of the time. I think the panel of judges on this show is great, the interaction between Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh is so much more entertaining and real than any other panel I've seen. Channel 10 is bringing X-Factor to Australia, which is surprising, I would have thought that will only happen after it has made it on American shores. Well, just have to wait for it next year, and hopefully they won't screw it up too bad, LOL.

Now for some non-TV stuff (finally huh?!), I have been stitching over the last few days, I'm working on a project for a secret stitching exchange, so I'm not going to share much details, apart from that I almost have the border complete, and I hope I can get this one done ASAP. I still have 2 more to work on, and the deadline is coming up, yikes!

I worked last night at the restaurant, and I told my boss when my last night at the restaurant will be. She didn't seem very happy as she's worrying about replacements and all that, but hey, I'm sorry, I've helped you out for more than 4 years, I'm starting my full-time job in January, this is as much as I can do. I did give her plenty of notice, so she will have lots of time to find some new people and get them trained.

Terrence also bought me Simpsons Monopoly yesterday cos it was on sale at Target. I was actually allowed to open it, and we played a game last night. I was absolutely creamed though, so I whined and protested, saying that if it's a present for me, then I shouldn't lose, and not in such a pathetic way as well. Of course, it didn't work, LOL. Well, I will try my best to avenge myself the next time! *grin* I am now soooooo tempted to buy all other Monopoly versions, it will be a new hobby for me, but I don't think I will be allowed to open them, Terrence will have them purely for collecting, but I just wanna open and play! For now, I will keep my Monopoly-collecting urge in check, hee hee...

Nothing much happening for me today, I'm heading to my university later in the afternoon to speak to the new bunch of students who will be going for next year's study tour, which I went on early in January this year. I will also be having dinner with some friends tonight at TGIF. Hopefully I get to watch Alias and stitch a bit when I get back from university, and just chill out till I go out for dinner. Her Drama-ness/TV addict will sign off for now, bye bloggers!

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