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I love Wednesdays :)

I had a GREAT day today, and my day isn't over yet. I don't think anything else is gonna happen tonight, probably just gonna grab some takeaway for dinner, but yeah, it's been great, just relaxing, and having a good time. My body definitely feels a lot more rested, so maybe I won't be too cranky when I go back to work tomorrow night, LOL.

Anyways, this is what I did today. Since it's my day off, Terrence got a day off from his work too. Terrence booked in an appointment to change his muffler (he's REALLY obssessed with his car right now) at Midas in the morning, but that got delayed until noon. So, after we dropped his Magna off at the car service place, we headed out in my little red Mira to Chadstone shopping centre. First up, we went to Borders, and I found the MaryJanice Davidson book, 'Undead and Unemployed', that I have been looking for (thanks for the heads-up, Debbi!). Not only that, I also found the prequel to the book, 'Undead and Unwed', so I got both, or rather, Terrence got both of them for me :) I think these will be really enjoyable reads for me, will post more when I do get to them.

Then, we went to Toys 'R Us, and I think I have found a new hobby. Well, I had always been tempted, but today, it became official. What am I talking about? Monopoly! I posted before that Terrence bought me Simpsons Monopoly, today I added 2 to my collection, the Disney edition, and the Nostalgia Game Series edition. I'm not allowed to open these 2 though....oooooh, it's such a struggle to keep from ripping the plastic off! LOL. I am going to keep my eyes open for other editions of Monopoly, I'm not going to go nuts and just buy everything I see, but if the price is alright, I will get it to add to my collection.

And last but not least, I also got a new Paul Frank (American designer) bag! It's a bright pink bag, which I'm not too sure about, but it's a Paul Frank bag, and it had those cool cats on it, so I just had to add it to my collection of Paul Frank accessories. I also got a pair of PF thongs, it's perfect for summer, since today is officially the 1st day of summer, although the weather didn't really feel like it. Oh, I should add, my little shopping spree today was completely sponsored by Terrence, in case he complains that I forgot about his vital role today, LOL.

After shopping, we went back to Midas and picked up his car with his new muffler. I think Terrence is pretty pleased with it, when he got home, he couldn't stop revving his car just to hear the sound it makes. He keeps going through different obsessions, at one stage it was mobile phones, moved on to computer stuff, then on to keeping fish, and now, it's all about the car. I said that he should be consistent like me, just be obsessed with one thing, in my case, cross-stitch! He retorted that it would be real funny if I lost interest, and I would have gazillion of cross-stitch stuff still with me. Well, I told him, that's NOT gonna happen, EVER! :p

That was my nice and relaxing day, sorry if I bored anyone, but hey, I don't ever do anything exciting, I probably find my grocery shopping a real thriller, LOL. I definitely feel a lot better today, hopefully after a visit to the doctor tomorrow, I will feel physically better. I'm gonna post some pictures in a bit, Her Drama-ness will be right back! :)

Philip has an obsession with his cars, you should see our garage filled with racing tires, cleaning products, exhausts, mufflers, it's like a mechanics garage!
Be happy he has his "thing" and you have yours!

Hee hee...yeah, I'm glad we each have our own thing. I just like to make fun of him and roll my eyes at him, the same way he does when I just NEED to get more stash. Just yesterday, he was saying that I will probably go nuts once I start working and get string of every colour. Of course I had to correct him, it's THREAD, not string! :p Tsk tsk...he's gotta learn the lingo, LOL.

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