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My asthma is back :(

I just got back from my doctor's appointment, and yep, there's no escaping it, I've gotta use the inhalers. The last I used inhalers, I was probably about 12 or younger, now I'm twice the age, and I'm back on them! SUCKS! These are weird inhalers too, not the spray ones which I used before, it's called Turbuhaler, and I'm actually breathing in powder which goes straight to my lungs. Sounds icky. Well, as long as I get well, I can deal with that, I need to get well before I start my job at HP, I want to be feeling 100%, this is way more important than school! Last night, I had such a violent coughing fit, my chest hurt so bad, and my back ached too, so please weird inhalers, work your magic!

What else have I been up to the last couple of days? Didn't do much on Monday at all, except bringing some friends to this retail centre made up of factory outlets. I was really bored though, I'm a lone shopper, and it just doesn't work for me when I have to shop with other people around. It's that way with Terrence too. And cos I didn't find any good stuff, I was done so quick, so I bought some newspapers, plonked myself down at the cafe and just waited. Wished I had thought of bringing my stitching. It would have been a better time if I had bought something, I found a pair of Nine West shoes, nice-looking pair, and it was flats too, which would have been really good for me when I start my job, but of course, it had to be out of my size. Don't think I will be going back there myself anytime soon, cos for factory outlets, I don't think the prices were that low, and I felt that choices were limited. I'd rather wait for a good sale somewhere, and then start shopping for work clothes.

Yesterday morning, we headed out to Ikea to get a bookcase, ended up getting a rug and some magazine holders as well. Something interesting happened when we got back though. We were just about to turn into our driveway, and saw this woman groping the fence, trying to find her way. Terrence was like "Uh, what's going on?". So I got out of the car, and spoke to the lady, realised she was blind (she didn't have a white cane), and found out that she had lost her way. I led her out of my driveway, and tried to help her to where she was going. It was a bit hard, cos she said she wanted to cross the road, and I didn't know which road she was talking about. After a while, she finally managed to tell me the address she wanted to get to, she wanted to get to Number 7 on my street (I was on Number 3), so I brought her there. And I was getting confused as well, cos when we got to Number 7, she said she was on a corner block, and Number 7 isn't a corner block, so I didn't know if she had the right address, or I was taking her somewhere wrong. And then this dog started barking really far away, right back on the main road, and then she said it sounded like her dog, and I was like, uh, that is the main road, it's not the street you're looking for. So anyways, I thought we should try Number 7 first, since I felt the address she gave me should be correct, she just might not be really familiar with her surroundings. At Number 7, there were a few units, and she couldn't remember which unit she was at. It took a lot of questions, but something must have triggered her memory, and she said she was at Unit 2. So as we walk down to look for Unit 2, I see a dog at the window, and it fits the description she was telling me, and it started barking, and she said, yep, that's my dog. Helped her up the steps, and into her home, and all was fine. Just as I was walking back out, a woman came out of the car and I think it's the blind lady's sister, and she started talking to me, so I told her what had happened, and she seemed relieved. Apparently there was another incident where she had been wandering in the middle of the road, thankfully nothing happened then. So anyways, she thanked me, she went on her way, and I went home. Wow, that was a long story huh? And I probably didn't tell it too well, I'm not the most eloquent of story-tellers, LOL. But yeah, that was my good deed of the day, and definitely made me appreciate what I've got! I think it must be hard on both the lady and her sister, I'm definitely grateful for my independent lifestyle.

The rest of Tuesday was spent cleaning up the house, cos Terrence's parents will be arriving tonight (they're coming to Melbourne for his brother's graduation). Didn't quite finish everything, so the rest of today will be spent finishing up the chores. Hope all goes well with his parents, gonna be scary facing the future "in-laws", so that's how he felt when my family was here! LOL. But nah, should be fine, I've met them before, just that this will probably be the longest interaction ever. The good thing is that I took off work for the week plus that they are here, so if there isn't any activity, I will get proper bumming days! WEEEEEEE...would love to have those. Oh, Terrence's brother came yesterday, we played Monopoly again last night, and uh, I also lost miserably yet again, but yeah, just a minor detail, pay no attention to it, LOL.

ALRIGHTY! Gonna shut up for now and go fiddle around with my weird inhaler. Sorry for rambling on for so long, but hey, you don't really have to read everything. Good on you though if you got through all of it, hee hee. If you've been here, drop a line for Her Drama-ness! :)

Where to start? I love to shop by myself too. If I go with someone else I feel like they are dragging me around and I can't do what I want to do. Too bad about the shoes. You know me and shoes ... It's hard for me to find my size because my feet are so tiny. And wow about the blind lady. Makes you count your blessings, huh? Well, you are the hero of the day for helping her. Just imagine how someone could of really taken advantage of her.

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