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Neglected blog

Ok, so I've been giving my blog the cold shoulder, it's been a while since I blogged. It's just that when something kinda exciting happens (which isn't all that exciting in the first place), I think that, yeah, that would be cool to go on the blog, and when I actually get home, the urge to blog has disappeared. And the lazy bug kicks in, I just want to lounge around and stitch and watch telly, LOL. Oh wells, I'm getting to it now yah?

So, what has been happening around here? Picked up Terrence's parents on Wednesday night, spent some time with them on Thursday and Friday, but apart from that, haven't actually seen them much. His parents are quite content to just stay in the apartment, if they do go out, it's just walking around the city, so Terrence has just been staying at work, leaving his brother to be the guide, so it was really no point for me to go up to the city. I will be making dinner for them tomorrow night though, hopefully nothing screws up. Oh, the pressure, LOL.

I was really happy on Friday though, and nope, it's nothing mind-blowing, I bought my Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version boxset, and that made me smile the whole day, LOL. I have been waiting soooooo patiently for this, I did not get sucked into the individual movies cos I knew they would come out as a boxset, and earlier this year, there was a LOTR trilogy boxset out as well, but it was the FAKE one (well, to me it's fake), it was just the theatrical versions, not the extended versions, so I held off and patiently waited. Last Friday, the extended version boxset was released, and I bought it!! WOOO HOOO, been waiting for AGES to get this, and it's finally in my hands. I haven't gotten round to watching the extended version of Return of the King, I'm waiting for a time when Terrence and I can watch it together, I'm really looking forward to it, I wanna see Gandalf kick the Witch King's ASS! LOL. I also bought the 10-disc Matrix boxset for Terrence, I wasn't too crazy over it, I only thought the first one was good, but hey, it looks good on my DVD shelves, I'm not complaining, hee hee....hopefully the additional discs will actually help to enlighten me on the whole Matrix story. The ending to Matrix Revolutions felt very unsatisfying when we watched it in the cinema.

I have managed to get a bit of stitching done, but cos it's a large project, it isn't even near completion. I can at least see the progress, so I guess that's good. Just have to keep plugging away, and hopefully I can get it done soon! I have been enjoying my bumming/lazing time at home, I took a week plus off from the restaurant cos I thought I would need to accompany Terrence and his family around, but because they haven't been as active as my family, I get to spend time alone at home instead, and it feels absolutely fantastic. I don't feel rushed, or that sense of urgency, which is what I get when I have to work. Although I don't have to leave my house until 4 pm on nights that I have to work, by 2 pm, I already feel unsettled, and like I've gotta be ready and prepared to be out of the door. So yeah, this relaxed feeling has been such a welcome change, and just staying home, doing things at my own pace, it's great!

Anyways, that's all for today. Nothing much will be happening today, another day of staying at home, stitching, and some TV entertainment. Oh, and of course, to prepare for tomorrow's dinner. It's not like it's some big formal dinner, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to impress either, LOL. If everything tastes good, I will be happy with that! So, Her Drama-ness is off to laze around, have a good day fellow bloggers! :)

I'm like you sometimes I think up some wonderful things to blog about, but then when I finally find time I find it daunting to type out everything I'm thinking!
Glad to hear you're relaxing!
Happy Stitching,

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