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I'm here!

I said I would blog later on, turned out to be the next day, hee hee. What can I say? My mood says 'lazy' yah? I'm staying true to my form, LOL. Tomorrow is the last day of my break, it's back to work again on Monday, so I've gotta enjoy the last of it as much as I can. Until my next break anyways, hahaha...

Something annoying happened to me while driving to Berwick to tutor my boss' kids; if annoying is the right word for it. I was waiting to turn right onto the freeway, and there was a taxi in front of me. I was having a Chupa Chup (lollipop), and the cab driver turned around and just stared at me. He started making faces and other lewd gestures at me. I was so disgusted and uncomfortable that I just turned to look out my window, hoping that he would stop. Once on the freeway, I drove all the way to the right lane, trying to speed past this guy, and he actually followed me the whole time, until he had to exit the freeway. It's not a big deal, and not even highly disturbing, but it's irritating that I can't even have a lolly in my own car and drive in peace! Urgh. It didn't even occur to me to remember his licence plate number, not that it would do anything, but I could have at least rung up the cab company and complain about this particular driver. This was the first time that such a thing ever happened to me, and hopefully it will be the last!

Dinner with the "in-laws" on Tuesday night went well, no one actually complimented me on the food *sob sob*, but they were eating it, and did polish up some of the dishes, so I guess it can't be half bad? LOL. Terrence did ask his mom the next day about dinner (when I wasn't there), and his mom told him that I could cook, and dinner was good, so I'm happy with that! :) His parents will be going back to Egypt (his dad is posted there as an expat) tomorrow, it will probably be a while before both of us will see our families again.

On the stitching front, I have a bit more to go on one of my exchange projects, and then I will need to focus on the other 2. I feel bad, I have already missed the deadline, and it seems that I will be late for a while. I'm gonna try my best to get them finished ASAP, so to my partners, I'm sorry, and just hang on in there, they will get there eventually! *sheepish smile* I'm hoping to get at least one done this weekend. I'm going to get back to my stitching now and try to reach my goal, wish Her Drama-ness luck and speedy stitching fingers! LOL.

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